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Wyckoff Mold Removal

Nash Everett started from over a decade of service in the restoration industry and became one of the largest independent preferred Restoration companies in our region.

Our mission statement is based upon the idea that high quality service does not commonly come from a large company or organization. We strive to give that personal touch by listening closely to our customers so we deliver great quality service and quick turnaround.

We are IICRC certified, and our staff has been professionally trained and carry certifications in cleaning and restoration. Please feel free to call (732) 508-9197 or contact us via email (below) to schedule an appointment

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Wyckoff

MOLD CLEANUP (732) 508-9197
MOLD is commonly caused by high humidity, condensation, and water leaks, and can be hidden inside the walls. We will perform a mold inspection to determine mold activity and possible causes. Do not remove mold on your own as you can cross-contaminate the area. Meaning if you move material that has mold on it and the spores are released into another area, mold growth can occur in an area that did not have mold.

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Mold must be mitigated by a certified mold technician. That’s why we offer a $99.00 mold estimate. You will receive a written report after we perform an inspection and discuss the best way to mitigate your mold removal . You will also receive a written estimate for the cost to remediate. If we perform your remediation we will apply the inspection fee toward the final cost of your job.

Nash Everett is IICRC certified in Mold Removal and Remediation. We investigate the causes for your mold because in addition to Mold Cleanup we want to insure mold will not return. One method of moisture control is to install a self-maintaining dehumidification system. We will install a system that can control your continuing moisture issues. Ask for a quote from our service tech.

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Is mold damage ever covered through insurance as a water loss?

It may be depending on the circumstances. If a burst pipe or leaking roof caused the mold you may have a water loss claim. Having a mold inspection can help determine the source and cause of your mold growth. Our inspector will discuss your findings directly with you and details are included in your report. Confer with your insurance company.

Do I have to use the mold mitigation company that my insurance company refers?

Wyckoff Mold Removal Near Me

No. You can use any mold mitigation specialist that you are satisfied will perform the work to your expectations. However, to properly remove mold, one must receive the proper training and be certified in mold mitigation. Our technicians have this training and we only use HEPA level vacuums and air scrubbers during the remediation process.

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Is mitigating mold costly?

It can be, because proper mitigation needs to be performed by a certified specialist, industrial equipment must be used, and proper procedures must be followed. Water issues commonly can contribute to mold growth and we will dry your home to achieve proper RH levels which will help stop the food source and curtail future issues.