Healthy Home Assessment- If you or a family member is sick or if you are looking to prepare a lawsuit, you will need all the information you can get. Our Healthy Home Assessment includes a in depth/forensic style investigation of the exterior and interior of the property and includes a detailed report of findings for customers who fall into the following categories: $795

  • You have had previous remediation but are suspect that work was not completed properly.
  • You are immune compromised, have a diagnosed respiratory condition, and/or have been diagnosed with mold illness.
  • You become ill when in the home but there are no visual signs or odors.
  • You are looking to prepare litigation in regards to an environmental concern or have experienced loss of health and/or property.

*Mold/Air testing services are an  additional cost. Please call for cost.
*Customers within 25 mile radius of our home office. Travel charges will incur otherwise.
*A written detailed proposal will be provided
* Home size up to 3000 sq ft. An additional $100 above and per 1000 sq ft will incur