Crawl Space and Basement – Get rid of the moldy smell and damaging moisture

Your damp moldy basement could be contaminating your entire home, affecting family health, and causing structural damage. Ventilation systems take care of all those problems.

Sleek, attractive units get rid of the musty smell and the excess humidity, effectively extracting moisture, odors, air pollutants, and drying out the windows, floors and beams. Up to 50% of the air we breathe indoors has been in the basement. A damp musty basement can contaminate your entire home, affect your family’s health, and cause structural damage to the building. Ventilation is a proven year-round solution, designed for homes with crawl spaces and full basements.

A conventional dehumidifier does not exchange the air nor does it ventilate the basement, and it is expensive to operate. Your crawl space/ basement unit will ventilate and exchange the air, effectively providing a healthier, drier, and more comfortable home, at a fraction of the energy cost of a conventional dehumidifier.

Your ventilation unit will:

  • automatically reduce basement humidity levels
  • exhaust stale air and maintain humidity control ventilation for the entire home
  • prevent condensation on windows, sills, walls, and pipes, upstairs and down
  • eliminate musty odors and other airborne pollutants, such as fumes from paints, furnishings, carpeting, and household cleaning products
  • recirculate warm air from upstairs to the basement, improving heating and air conditioning efficiency
  • prevent costly mold and mildew damage to stored items, furniture, and clothing
  • reduce the risk of costly household repairs due to rotting

Proper installation by a knowledgeable professional ensures maximum performance from your Ventilation unit for many years to come.