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Mold removal can often be misunderstood as mold allergy or asthma. That’s because molds can grow anywhere and at any time. It does not matter if you’re dealing with drywall, vinyl siding or wood-graining flooring; mold spores can grow on almost any surface. And you may not even be aware of mold until a problem develops.

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There are two kinds of mold removal – remediation and preventative. Remediation is the attempt to eradicate the source of moisture and restore the material to a condition where it will not cause problems again. (Note: mold remediation is not the same as mold clearance, which is for structural damage only.) Preventive mold removal seeks to eliminate or mitigate mold before it develops and begins to grow.

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When you’re dealing with a mold infestation, you want to take steps to prevent mold from becoming a problem in the first place. Mold removal is easier when the origin of moisture is located within the structure itself. If it develops on a surface, it’s best to clean it up before it has a chance to grow. But if you don’t clean it up, the mold can travel into other areas of the building and begin to grow there.

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It’s common for mold removalists to recommend that you have an annual air quality inspection performed. This is especially true for those who live in rented residential space. Mold can grow very quickly in an environment where there is poor indoor air quality. The mold removal team can advise you of the best solution for reducing indoor air contamination.

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Many mold professionals offer a mold removal company to clean up damaged property that they restore themselves. They may be able to clean the area of damaged drywall or insulation. But they probably won’t have any experience with removing damaged wood framing. If you have wooden frames on your home, it’s a good idea to have them removed by a trained professional. An experienced contractor will know how to remove wood framing without damaging the wood itself.

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Many mold removal companies also offer services for true mold removal. In these cases, the professional will use special cleaners and techniques to get into small crevices and ducts without breaking walls or windows. Then the mold removal experts will work to remove spores that may have already begun to grow. There are several methods of mold removal that mold professionals use.

One technique used by some mold removal professionals is a ‘dry cleaning’ technique. In this process, the professional sprays a special cleaner onto the area to be cleaned. As the cleaner works it passes through tiny vents in the wood. The vents allow air to circulate and draw air away from any mold contamination. Then a machine removes the excess cleaner along with the spores. This method can be used on areas such as shower curtains and countertops.

For larger mold issues, it’s wise to consult a mold remediation company. These companies will generally use a mold testing and removal machine. The machine is capable of both wet and dry mold removal. It can also remove mold spores from walls and other structures without damaging them. So if you’re worried about getting sick or having health problems, don’t be. Get yourself tested for mold contamination and call a mold removal expert.