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Waldwick Mold Removal

From initial inspection to the final coat of paint, Nash Everett provides complete solutions for mold, fire and water damage restoration, as well as improving the indoor air quality of your home or business.
With over 10 years of servicing New Jersey with mold testing, remediation and restoration services, our business has been built on honesty, a fair price, and effective results.

The team at Nash Everett is fully licensed, insured, and trained in the field of mold abatement and improving your indoor air quality.

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Waldwick

Mold remediation is at the heart of what we do at Nash Everett. Our reputation as a New Jersey-based mold removal company is anchored on the trust that our clients place in us to honestly evaluate their situation and thoroughly perform our service. We make every attempt to eliminate 99% of the mold and take every step to ensure that it does not grow back.

The remediation process can begin once we have received the mold test results back from an independent lab. Some mold removal companies will simply spray the mold with a biocide, leaving the mold spore intact. This will inevitably result in a re-infestation of mold. We have a better way.

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Peeled and sealed! Once the infected building material (sheetrock, insulation, etc.) has been removed, we can begin killing the mold. At Nash Everett we have a specialized piece of equipment called a Dry Ice Blaster. Nash Everett is one of only a few mold removal companies in Waldwick, New Jersey that own this equipment. This machine uses dry ice as a blasting media, killing 99.9% of mold spores on contact. At 110 degrees below zero, the dry ice freezes the mold, and then physically peels it from its food source – roots and all. The small amount of debris from blasting is then HEPA-vacuumed up and disposed of properly.

We then apply a nontoxic biocide after the media blasting to kill any remaining spores and prevent the mold from re-colonizing. Because the dry ice blasting process is so thorough, less biocide is needed after the mold is removed.

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The final step is stopping the source. The real challenge (and cost) of a mold remediation project depends upon the location and extent of mold development and water intrusion. Some mold removal projects are straightforward. The mold is visible on the surface only, and perhaps a moisture problem is easily remedied by installing ventilation. Water that is leaking down through interior walls and hard to access, however, can create a much bigger project.

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After the mold has been removed, we can then replace the sheetrock, trim, and paint back to its original condition. This part of the job is called “Restoration.”

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We are available to perform any or all of the services required along the way. We make every effort to educate our clients in the remediation process, so they fully understand the pros and cons of performing a complete mold remediation project. Our pricing is honest and upfront, and we always leave the decision up to our clients as to how far they want to proceed in the remediation/restoration process.