Neptune Anti Viral Disinfectant Killing & Protection Service

Neptune Virus Disinfectant Service

Neptune Township, New Jersey

Before you open your Neptune Township workplace, ask yourself if you’re ready to protect yourself, your employees and your customers. Getting a Nash Everett Germ Buster service is the best way to get a fresh start when you reopen.

Get the Power of Germ Busters on Your Side

Here’s why you should consider a long-lasting, incredibly effective cleaning system that will protect you for 30 days.

You might think your workplace looks clean, but dirt and germs are lurking in every workplace. In fact, the average office desk has 400 times the amount of infectious germs as the average toilet seat.

Viruses Are All Over Your Workplace

As if that’s not bad enough, keep in mind that many people eat breakfast at their desks. More than half eat lunch there. Only a small percentage clean their workspace before they eat there.

Flu viruses can live on hard surfaces for 48 hours. All those germs in your workspace will linger long after you’ve finished your sandwich.

When you call Nash Everett Germ Busters, you don’t have to worry. Our service puts a protective barrier in place that continues killing viruses, germs and bacteria for 30 days.

How to Keep Your Workplace Clean

Those are some scary numbers, but you don’t have to let them frighten you. You can take some simple steps to keep your work environment safe and clean:

  • Use a damp rag and all-purpose cleaner to wipe away crumbs, grease and other dirt from work surfaces.
  • Spray your work area with disinfectant spray.
  • Keep hand sanitizer at your workspace and encourage coworkers to use it.
  • Eat away from your desk.
  • Call Nash Everett Germ Busters.

You can follow all the above steps, but only a Germ Busters treatment will fully sanitize and protect your workplace and your employees.

Who Can Use Nash Everett Germ Busters?

Germ Busters is ideal for all types of commercial and industrial settings:

  • Office buildings.
  • Diners and coffee shops.
  • Garages.
  • Machine shops.
  • Fitness centers.
  • Warehouses.
  • Storage centers.
  • Electronics retailers.
  • Clothing stores.
  • Karate studios.

If you have a Neptune Township business where lots of people gather, you need Nash Everett Germ Busters.

What Sets Germ Busters Apart

Our service uses only natural, nontoxic ingredients to clean, disinfect and create a long-lasting protective barrier. With Germ Busters, you don’t have to worry about foul-smelling, toxic chemicals. In fact, you can go back inside your place just 15 minutes after we finish our work.

Get Germ Busted Before You Reopen

Your Germ Busters certificate and Germ Busters window decal show the world that your place has been fully cleaned and sanitized. It feels good to get those germs busted.

Are you ready to reopen your Neptune Township business? When you use Nash Everett Germ Busters, your customers can feel safe. They know you’ve taken that extra step to get your place clean and germ-free.

Get Ready to Reopen the Right Way

These days, we’re all too aware of what germs and viruses can do when they get out of control.

Get your Neptune Township business ready to reopen safely. Call Nash Everett Germ Busters for a free, no-obligation estimate today.