Belmar Anti Viral Disinfectant Killing & Protection Service

Belmar Virus Disinfectant Service


Your Belmar business has everything it needs to reopen, but are you forgetting one big step? Can you assure your employees and customers that your business is clean, safe and sanitary? You can, if you call Nash Everett Germ Busters.

What Is Nash Everett Germ Busters?

It’s our exclusive service to thoroughly clean, steam, disinfect and sanitize your business. We guarantee removal of all bacteria, germs, viruses and other disease-carrying pests.

Germ Busters is:

Long-lasting: A Nash Everett Germ Busters treatment includes an invisible protective shield that keeps killing germs for 30 days.

Fast-acting: You can go back inside just 15 minutes after we’re finished. There’s no drying time, no tenting and no need to keep people and pets away.

Safe: Our exclusive formula is safe, natural and nontoxic. You don’t have to worry about inhaling toxins, aggravating asthma conditions or triggering allergies.

Efficient: We use a spray system that doesn’t require rags, mops or buckets. The spray gets into every nook and cranny with powerful, long-lasting disinfectant.

Proof that you care about your workers and customers: When we complete a session, we leave you with a certificate and a window decal telling the world that your business is germ-free thanks to Nash Everett Germ Busters.

Your Belmar Business Needs Serious Germ Busting

You might think it’s enough to clean your Belmar business every few nights. That won’t do anything to clear out the germs and viruses.

Viruses and bacteria continue to mutate and change in response to the antibacterial cleaners and disinfectants we use daily. They get stronger and harder to kill all the time.

Nash Everett Germ Busters is the only cleaning system that continues to work despite these changes. No matter how big and bad those germs get, we will get rid of them. We destroy more than 99% of all germs and viruses.

Your Workplace Is a Germ Factory

Did you know most workplaces are crawling with dangerous germs? That’s true even if you do a good job of regular cleaning.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the places where most germs live are:

  • Telephone mouthpieces.
  • Elevator buttons.
  • Bathroom doors.
  • Toilet handles.
  • Computer keyboards.

These surfaces may have more than 2 million active, living germs on every square inch. Every one of those germs is the chance for someone to get sick.

That’s pretty gross to think about, but what are you going to do about it?

Get Germ Busted and Get a Clean, Safe Workplace

That’s where Germ Busters comes in. Our proprietary system cleans, sanitizes all surfaces and kills 100% of the bugs, bacteria and viruses living on them. Once we Germ Bust your business, you can be certain the bugs are gone.

Who Can Use Nash Everett Germ Busters?

It’s useful for any business. Whether you’re a mechanic shop, garage, coffee shop, restaurant, beauty salon or real estate office, you can benefit from the powerful cleaning of Germ Busters.

We also bust germs in your vehicle, home, shed, garage or boat.

Call Nash Everett Germ Busters

Get your Belmar business ready without putting yourself or your customers at risk. Call Nash Everett Germ Busters for a free, no-obligation estimate today.