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Upper Township Mold Removal

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t see your attic that often, especially if there is no easy access to it. That could be a problem, especially if you have mold growing in your attic.

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The problem with mold in the attic is so much about health, because it often affects the indoor air quality in homes. In many cases, the mold will be black or white and looks like a stain, and while it looks unpleasant there are worse things to worry about – health and the structures are deteriorating under that mold, which is why it needs to be removed.

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Mold is almost always caused by the introduction of moisture into space, which is not properly ventilated, allowing the mold to take hold and proliferate. Furthermore, the attic becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Regardless of how it got there, homeowners ask themselves how to kill attic mold, and Nash Everett has the answer.

Best Mold Remediation in Upper Township, New Jersey

Attic mold services to remove all types of mold
Whenever mold is detected in the attic, it’s important to have an expert mold removal specialist come in and identify the type of mold, how far it’s progressed and make a determination on how to address the problem. This is important because you need a qualified specialist to know how to remove mold in attic spaces. Here are a few of the services we offer at Nash Everett:

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Mold spores are microscopic and are difficult to completely remove, but with the right tools, a mold removal specialist will get rid of all signs of mold in your attic.

Our goal is to clean up any mold growing within the home, which requires a remediation plan, testing and many other steps that lead to a home clear and free of visible mold.

As qualified attic mold inspection specialists, Nash Everett will carefully look at all the areas that mold can grow, past or current. We will find it even if it’s living inside walls or any other hard to reach area.
From spore traps to swabbing to bulk sampling, Nash Everett professionals utilize a number of testing techniques to determine exactly what type of mold you have and how extensive it is in your home.

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Not only can we remove your mold, we can help you take proactive steps to keep it from returning. From checking for roof leaks to evaluating the air flow and ventilation in your attic, our mold specialists have worked with clients for years on mold prevention.

Stachybotrys, or “black mold,” is nothing to laugh about – it can be toxic. Fortunately, Nash Everett has black mold removal solutions that will keep you and your family safe.