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Mold can cause major problems with your health and quality of life if it’s present in your home. In fact, mold can play havoc on your physical and psychological well-being. There are many different types of mold, each dangerous to those who come into contact with it. Black mold removal is especially important because it’s not always visible and can be hidden by walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. If you think there may be mold in your home but aren’t sure, contact a mold removal company for mold testing and inspection.

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Mold can be a pesky problem for those who aren’t familiar with it. But once you’re faced with the situation, it can be overwhelming. Mold or mildew, and sometimes also known as fungus, is anaerobic, meaning it grows in places where oxygen is scant or non-existent, and it’s a common component of the natural environment. By definition, mold is neither plant nor animal, and its existence in a human body occurs in moist places like the mouth, under the carpet, and in air ducts.

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Most cases of mold contamination require professional mold removal services. The first step in mold removal is to thoroughly clean any areas where the mold might have been located. The mold may have been growing in the air, or on furnishings, wall toppings, or other items that were previously affected. A mold inspection or test should be done to find out if the mold is still there. If mold contamination isn’t detected after the initial clean-up attempts, then further cleaning steps should be taken. You’ll want to conduct a mold remediation as soon as possible to ensure that the mold doesn’t continue to grow or spread.

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After you have cleaned and made sure the mold situation is resolved, you will probably want to call on a mold removal company for follow up. This is always wise, because mold removal companies know what they’re doing and can make sure the mold is completely gone for good. Making sure it stays away is really important for your health, so calling in a professional right after the cleanup process is complete is crucial.

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Mold remediation can range from being fairly easy to extremely complicated, depending on the severity of the infestation, the type of mold involved, and how extensive the cleanup and remediation go. In more severe mold situations, there may need to be some structural damage done to the building to make sure that nothing is left behind that can reinfect the area. Structural damage would include anything that resulted in water ingress, like pipes or ceiling tiles, or any other kind of compromised wall.

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Mold removal can also be as simple as just cleaning everything out and then disinfecting it. If the contaminated area only needs to be cleaned and disinfected, this could be all you need. However, if you need to get into the entire basement or similar space and clean and disinfect everything, then you may want to consider calling in a mold removal company. It is imperative to do as much as possible to rid your house of any contaminants, because even one mold spot can quickly grow into an infestation that is exponentially more difficult to control.

In your search for an indoor air quality specialist, look for someone who has been certified by the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) to be an expert on mold removal and remediation. These specialists are trained to find mold spores in the air and make recommendations about cleaning and disinfection methods. You should also look for someone with experience in your particular type of mold, because certain types of mold, such as Asbestos, can be especially hazardous to your health, because of their microscopic structure. Indoor air quality specialists will also have specific mold cleaning equipment and products they can recommend to help clear your home of any remaining mold.

If your mold situation does not currently pose a health risk to you or your family, then you may want to hire a mold removal company instead of trying to handle it yourself. Mold remediation companies generally have better access to clean air than you do and are better equipped to clean large areas of mold. A good remediation plan should include a detailed plan for removing and containing the mold problem as well as recommendations for air purification and cleanup. Your warranty team can provide you with additional advice based on your unique mold situation. Once your mold problem is dealt with, it is important to keep your warranty policy in mind when contacting mold removal companies in the future.