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Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Stafford Township

Why do I need a certified mold removal inspection ?
Our experienced and certified mold removal inspector can identify conditions which allow water entry into the home or high moisture levels which promote the growth of mold spores. If dangerous, unhealthy mold is present within your home, we will find it.

Has the building in question ever flooded or recently been flooded? Has it had a roof of plumbing leaks? Has an A/C condensation or history of wet conditions ever been reported? If so then it is more likely to have mold growth. Variations in the humidity, air flow, temperature, seasons, and, physical activity are all contributors to the growth of mold.

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Just because no visible water stains are visible does not mean there isn’t moisture feeding the mold. Duct work and HVAC equipment are common places where mold can flourish. Spot checking duct-work may provide a passing grade, but in actuality, one clean vent or duct is not an accurate indicator of the entire system.

The underside of carpet, floor boards, behind walls and insulation are common areas where a colony of mold spores may dwell and multiply. Often there are no externally visible signs of mold. These dangerous situations can be uncovered through a cognitive evaluation and historical review of the building.

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Mold surface test may be warranted or desired before and after mold remediation. Samples collected will be sent to an AIHA Accredited Lab and will be reviewed by a microbiologist.

A microbiologist is a scientist that studies microscopic living things such as fungi, bacteria, and algae. Many are specifically concerned with the bacteria that cause and spread disease or damage our environment.

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It is important to note that mold tests are not standard protocol for every case although at times it may be recommended.

Testing will confirm or dismiss an area of suspected mold. It will also confirm what types of mold are present even when they are not visible to the naked eye.

If you have spots of fungal growth that appear to be having different variations, it is recommended that you take one

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Which items will be salvaged and which will be safely removed?
Our team is going to be honest with you. If the drywall needs to be removed, we will do so. If that old recliner in the corner of your basement needs to go, we will tell you that as well. Some things just cannot be salvaged. During our assessment, we will discuss what is salvageable and what is not. There will be no surprises. The details will be included in the work plan. You will be part of the decision process.

Our qualified Nash Everett Mold Removal have the training and experience to identify what absolutely needs to go in order to restore your home to a safe place. The items will be bagged and carefully removed from the property. On the upside, many items can be cleaned, restored and left in place: there’s no need to worry about grandmother’s antique picture frame. Our team can safely clean many items. Together we will identify every salvageable item during the assessment. You will find that we respect you and your belongings. We take great pride in treating you with dignity from beginning to end.

Using industry standard protocols and cleaning procedures, our team can remove the visible mold along with its mold spores in a safe manner. We prevent any floating air spores, dust and contaminants from being released into the atmosphere. Structural and nonstructural items which remain will be safe and mold-free.