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If you have a basement leak or need to get rid of harmful mold and mildew, calling a mold removal company is a great way to begin the process. Whether the source of the problem is flooding, subsurface seepage, excess humidity, or a fire, the professionals can come in and completely gut the problem within one day. They will then leave in a timely manner, leaving your house fresh and clean. While they can be costly when dealing with large mold removal jobs, most mold removal companies are highly experienced and use only the best techniques for reducing the effect of mold on your health and the health of your family. With many years of expertise, Midwest Mold Removal is experts in water infiltration, water damage remediation and mold removal, roof restoration, and mold mitigation while doing extensive preventative techniques to keep mold from growing and spreading at your house or commercial property.

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Once mold has formed in your home, you must deal with it as soon as possible. Whether it is due to a burst pipe, leaky roof, or water infiltration, getting rid of the mold and stopping it from coming back is your number one priority. Although mold removal is not an overnight task, by following a few tips you can make the process go much more smoothly. Here are some ideas on how to minimize mold exposure:

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– Water penetration or leaking in the home’s HVAC system or around windows and doors can be a sign of mold. While mold removal companies can help, it may be necessary to cut out the damaged area to get at the source of the leak. In this situation, it is important not to scrape away drywall or insulation because the area surrounding it could still harbor mold. Instead, waterproof the area, allowing air circulation and drying the area. You can call on mold remediation experts for assistance in repairing the walls that have been compromised.

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– Even if your leaking roof or leaking pipes are found in good repair, you should check around your attic for any leaks that could be related to mold problems. If you find driedwall or insulation under the eaves, check for cracks in the foundation or other areas. If you find mold removal material, take it down immediately to stop the mold from growing back. If the area has been contaminated with mold, you’ll probably also need to tear it down, and then apply a borate-based mold killer to prevent the mold from returning. This will likely affect the structural soundness of your house.

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– It is crucial to drywall and dehumidify your building if you are experiencing water leakage issues. If you are performing a damage inspection or remediation for mold removal, you should perform an interior and exterior moisture control treatment (IMC). You should call on a licensed and certified mold remediation expert for assistance in this task. IMC uses environmentally safe products that dry the area quickly, removing all moisture and spores that may have accumulated. It is an effective way to prevent mold issues from occurring again.

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– Mold inspectors should be licensed by the state and approved by the environmental protection agency for certification. This certification will indicate that the mold inspector has been through specialized training and has passed standards set by the environmental protection agency. Mold inspectors will use methods such as visual Mold Assessment and Procedure (M.A.P.) to diagnose mold damage and recommend remedial action.

– It is important to conduct air quality testing on a regular basis. Mold removal professionals will provide you with the air quality testing results and will advise you on the best mold removal option for your situation. There are many mold remediation options that include steam, moisture extraction or vacuum extraction. If you discover hidden moisture, you should contact a mold remediation professional immediately for mold removal services.

Your health is not something to gamble with. A reputable mold removal company will guarantee their work and will work with you to make sure that you have a clean home free of mold growth. When you have a mold issue, do not take it lying down. Contact mold inspectors and mold remediation experts right away to ensure your safety and health. Take the black mold removal process seriously and make sure your family is protected.