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Mold removal or black mold, also known as mold, is an airborne fungus that grows on moist, damp objects. Mold is an essential part of nature and plays a vital role in our environment by breaking-down dead organic material like fallen trees and dead leaves; inside, mold also can hide and grow in dark, damp areas where moisture can’t drain away from the home. Mold is an enemy to homeowners because it’s unsightly, unhealthy, and poses a health risk. Mold removal is important for anyone who lives or works in a home that has an active mold problem.

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Mold can hide in places you can’t see, like cracks in basement walls or behind wallpaper, so detecting mold may be hard or impossible unless you do a mold detection inspection. For small infestations, home or building owners can take care of mold removal themselves using mold-killing cleaners like Mr. Clean. But for larger infestations, including mold growth on crawlspaces, under sinks, or in attics, it’s best to hire a professional mold removal company. There are many mold removal companies that specialize in removing mold.

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Whether you’re dealing with a small mold problem or a large infestation, hiring a mold removal company will save both time and money when it comes to remediation. Mold remediation typically includes the cleaning of the affected area, removal of contaminated materials, and repair of the affected structure. When you hire a mold removal company, they will typically submit their own team of mold remediation experts who can come to your house and properly dispose of any mold that they find.

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During your mold removal inspection, you’ll want to check the air quality of your home. Mold spores travel through the air and are easily inhaled. This is why mold removal companies perform their inspection during the day and use masks to keep the spores from circulating. After the inspection, you’ll want to schedule an appointment to have your air quality tested again. A mold specialist can determine if any additional mold removal is needed or if any further asbestos contamination is present.

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If you have a small mold issue, you may be able to remove the affected items yourself. If you’re dealing with an attic mold removal, however, it’s recommended that you hire professionals. Excessive moisture in the attic may be causing the problem and should be dealt with by a competent mold removal company. Attic mold removal requires additional expertise and protection from the elements. Professional mold removers will wear gloves and protective clothing and will work to destroy the entire mold outbreak using high-powered water jets and high-pressure steam treatments.

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Mold spores can become airborne after mold remediation and can spread throughout your home after cleanup. If you’ve been exposed to the contamination, there is an important way to contain the contamination once it has been eliminated from the air. You should clean up any area where mold was found using an air purification system. This is especially important if you live in a wetland setting or if you were exposed to a large airborne contamination. An air purifier can be installed at your heating and cooling system or even in your bathroom shower to protect you from potential mold contamination long after mold removal has been performed.

Once you have completed mold removal and the contaminated area has been cleaned and sanitized, you will then need to take steps to prevent an outbreak. You can help yourself by reducing the moisture level in your home. For large mold remediation jobs, a mold specialist may recommend sealing your basement, garage, or outdoor space to eliminate the possibility of mold growing back later. Many times, simply sealing doors and windows will suffice to prevent mold buildup in these areas. If your heating and air conditioning systems are also compromised, you may need to contact a mold removal company for additional assistance in ductwork and refrigeration units.

While it may seem simple, removing mold from a home or workplace is not something that you should try to tackle on your own. Although it’s possible to find many mold removal kits on the market that can be purchased for a few dollars, mold professionals are much more experienced and understand more than just what mold removal kits can do. It is important that you do some research into mold remediation and find a professional who understands mold and its remediation issues as well as how to treat and prevent future outbreaks. With a little research, you can find a mold professional in your area who can give you the help you need so that you can get back to work or school without the worry about having an unsightly, unhealthy work environment.