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So, what should you do if you discover black mold growing inside your household? There’s plenty of advice available on DIY techniques for black mold removal, including sprays and ointments which can effectively kill spores and prevent future outbreaks, but that’s usually not a very advisable idea. DOES THAT HELP? Usually. BUT…

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*DIY Molds – Often people consider bleach and other household cleaners to be effective, black mold removal solutions. In fact, these chemicals will most likely make your mold problem worse. They’re also extremely abrasive and can damage your surfaces and finish off the job with a hefty coating of toxic chemicals. As a result, mold growth may resume after water damage cleanup. Therefore, unless you’re a trained professional, don’t use bleach or any household cleaning products to clean up mold growth caused by water damage.

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*Water Damage Cleanup – While this technique is recommended for superficial mold removal jobs, many mold remediation professionals advise against using it as an approach to mold removal. The reason is simple: often times, mold spores are only released when water penetrates deeper into the surface of your materials, making the application of cleaning chemicals impractical. In fact, mold remediation professionals may suggest the removal of all contaminated materials and the replacement of damaged, mold-causing materials with new, mold-resistant ones. This isn’t always possible, so it’s often advisable to clean up mold before any mold remediation work begins.

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*Insecticide Spray/odor – This is another common technique for dealing with mold growth, especially in damp or moist areas where moisture has been applied previously. Although insecticides and caustics are effective for killing the insects that may have carried the mold spores, they can be harmful to people and pets and can also create hidden mold growth. Moreover, the fumes produced by these insecticides can be quite dangerous, even if they aren’t released directly into your air. This is why mold remediation experts discourage the use of these sprays and powders.

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*Mold Deterrents – Certain materials, such as certain types of vinyl flooring and plastic linings used in the manufacture of toys, are known to attract mold growth. If exposed, they will only enhance mold growth. To solve this problem, spot removers are often recommended. These are simple, reusable adhesive strips or sheets that are placed on vulnerable areas. They are reusable, so you can remove and replace them as needed during mold removal or mold remediation.

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Mold inspection and remediation companies have their own team of mold inspectors and mold removal experts. The mold inspectors identify the source of the moisture, for example a broken water line, before they clean it up. During mold removal or mold assessment, mold inspectors usually give the instructions to mold removal companies to disinfect the area. Some mold inspectors are also able to give important information about the health risks involved.

If you live in New Jersey, you will surely find a reputable mold removal or mold assessment company in the market. However, choosing the right company is not easy. As in any other business, mold removal companies do have their own pros and cons. Before hiring a mold removal or mold assessment company, you should ask the company for references from previous jobs or a mold assessment. You should also ask the company to provide you with clear, concise project plans and to show you their insurance documents.

A mold removal company that provides effective services and provides prompt response is ideal. After identifying the source of the moisture, mold removal experts should then assess the mold growth in the building or room. They may recommend removal or destruction of the affected area. There are many mold remediation companies in New Jersey that removing black mold for property owners. With the help of the experts, you can also get rid of mold in your home or office.