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with over 15 years in the mold field and proudly serving Runnmede NJ. Nash Everett mold removal team is here to help you at any time with any mold related issues, whether you need IAQ – indoor air quality testing or in a need for a complete mold remediation project , our highly trained team can handle any size job and committed to create clean and healthy indoor environment. when it comes to mold damage and restoration in homes or commercial building we will walk you through at every step of the way to ensure cost efficiency along with quality customer experience Nash Everett Mold Removal is fully Mold Assessor and Remediation contractor licensed with all state requirements with all necessary certificates and we offer to our clients comprehensive 24 hours emergency mold and water damage restoration services

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looking to improve the quality of your indoor air? having respiratory problem? mold growth in your living area can become the source of serious health issues, talk to an expert today! to book your next mod assessment. and find out more about Nash Everett comprehensive mold assessment reports.

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Mold Removal & Mold Remediation
Given health and safety risk associated with mold growth, it’s important to work with professionals on remediation. We specialize in removing all types of mold and helping you prevent mold regrowth. Once we have reviewed the mold inspection report, our teams are ready for remediation. For your own health and safety, we ask that occupants evacuate the property during mold remediation to avoid contact with mold spores.

Our remediation professionals follow a comprehensive remediation process with very specific protocol to eradicate mold and prevent its return:

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•Prevent further contamination: Shut off all HVAC systems and properly seal all air ducts, registers and vents to ensure mold does not spread during removal process.
•Containment: Contain the area where mold remediation will occur to prevent contaminated air from escaping the contained area.
•Begin cleaning the air and reduce humidity levels: Assemble and activate a commercial air scrubber and dehumidifiers to remove all infected air particles and eliminate moisture. These machines will be run for the entire duration of the remediation process: from the very beginning for up to 48 hours after the remediation is complete.
•Clean: HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum all surfaces in the contained area. We will repeat this process multiple times throughout remediation.
•Remove loose mold spores: Perform content manipulation of furniture, appliances, etc. to remove loose mold spores.
•Remove affected materials: Perform a controlled demolition of all affected building materials including drywalls, wood paneling, floor tiles, carpeting etc. Dispose of walls finishes, insulation, nails and screws and all building material to expose open framing. Remove and dispose all carpeting and padding.
•Remove all visual signs of mold growth: Aggressive wire-brush all visual growth/discoloration from the affected area such as open framing, all floor finishes and the foundation walls.
•Disinfect: Apply EPA-approved antimicrobial disinfect solution on all affected areas and throughout the containment areas.
•Prevention: Encapsulate residual mold-stained materials with EPA registered anti-microbial coating for future mold resistance.
•Clearance Test: As the final step, we will take an air sample to ensure remediation is complete and all mold has been removed.

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Please note: Nash Everett Mold Removal and Inspections is licensed to perform both inspection and remediation services. However, per New Jersey state law, we must only do either inspection or remediation; we cannot perform both services on one job.