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Rumson Mold Removal

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Rumson

What is Mold?
Mold is a fungus that can grow anywhere there is moisture and organic material, such as on food and plants, in soil, or inside our homes. Mold reproduces by releasing spores, which can spread through the air and water.

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What Causes Mold?
Mold thrives in moist, humid, warm environments with access to a nutrient source, such as cellulose, or wood. The best temperatures for mold growth are 77 to 86 degrees F (although some mold can grow in temps as low as 32 degrees and as high as 95 degrees.) Causes of mold inside a home include plumbing, window, door and roof leaks, poor drainage, unvented stoves, heaters, or clothes dryers, steam from cooking or showers, poor attic ventilation or insulation, and carpet on concrete.

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Mold Removal Services in Rumson, New Jersey
Nash Everett in quick and efficient mold removal and remediation . We are one of the few companies in Rumson New Jersey State licensed to use Bora-Care, a bio-degradable product that not only protects wood and other surfaces from mold, but is one of the least toxic and most effective treatments for termite extermination, making it an ideal application for attics and crawl spaces.

Following your mold assessment, our mold remediation specialists will review your mold remediation plan and provide you with a cost estimate and timeline for mold removal and abatement.

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The mold removal itself is a multi-step process. First, our mold remediation specialists will fix the conditions causing the mold to grow. Once the mold is removed, the next step is to protect the wood with Bora-Care.

If needed, we will install a vapor barrier in your crawl space. For attics with mold, we remove any damaged insulation, sanitize for pathogens and install your choice of blown-in insulation, formaldehyde-free rolled batt fiberglass insulation or termite resistant foam insulation. If your home has mold throughout, and is in need of a full or partial gutting, we are able to provide these mold removal services, as well.

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A mold assessor will come to your home or business and perform a careful, detailed visual inspection of the premises. In addition to looking for visible mold growth and odor, they may use a moisture meter and, in rare cases, conduct a mold sampling. The assessor will also attempt to identify the underlying source of the moisture that is causing the mold growth.

To assess the level of mold contamination, the assessor may need to move furniture, lift or remove carpets, check behind wallpaper or paneling, and look inside ventilation ducts or wall cavities.

What to Expect: Mold Removal and Remediation Plan
Each mold remediation plan is customized. In general, the purpose of the plan is to provide details of the rooms and areas that are affected by mold, to recommend abatement or mold removal methods, and to provide a proposal for prevention.

The mold removal assessor will provide you with the mold remediation plan before the removal work begins to ensure you understand and agree with the scope of the project. They will also provide a copy of the plan to our mold remediation professionals, who will use the information to create a cost estimate and timeline for the work.

The next step is the actual removal of the mold.

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