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Roselle Park Mold Removal

Nash Everett has removed asbestos from over 5,000 New Jersey homes,
over 50 schools, and over 20 hospitals.

Trust the safety of your environment to qualified Nash Everett professionals.

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Roselle Park

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We have the expertise and the experience to remove asbestos from your home safely and efficiently.

Mold spores can cause serious health issues and adversely affects indoor air quality. Don’t delay in getting it removed.

Bird & bat guano contains hazardous substances and should be treated with pesticide which Nash Everett is licensed to provide.

Protect your family from asbestos contaminated vermiculite. Let us safely remove it using industry best-practices.

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Nash Everett
Asbestos & Mold Removal Specialists
Since 1987, Nash Everett has removed asbestos from over 5,000 New Jersey homes, over 50 schools, and over 20 hospitals. We have also removed toxic mold from over 200 New Jersey homes in addition to many schools and institutions.

Best Mold Remediation in Roselle Park, New Jersey

Our 30 years plus of experience in the environmental Nash Everett field enables us to provide our clients with professional, quality Nash Everett services in a variety of settings, large or small.

We seek to educate New Jersey residents about the laws and regulations for safely removing asbestos and mold spore removal. In addition, you will find photos of common household products that contain asbestos so that you can identify potential dangers in your home.

Lastly, our site is intended to help prevent the contamination of homes caused by the illegal removal of asbestos. It is estimated that nearly half of the asbestos in New Jersey is removed illegally.

Roselle Park Mold Removal Near Me

Just knowing what questions to ask will help you to ensure that the asbestos being removed from your property is being handled by certified and licensed professionals.

If you can’t find all of your answers here, give us a call at 207-443-1071

Mold Spore Removal
Nash Everett, Inc. has been removing mold professionally for over 15 years. We have abated mold in many types of institutions, schools, and over 200 New Jersey homes. We use containments around the work area, and clean the air with HEPA filtered air exchangers to avoid cross contamination of the mold.

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The State of New Jersey requires those who apply a product to kill mold to first obtain a license from the New Jersey Board of Pesticides. Nash Everett has a New Jersey licensed Master Applicator on our staff, and we are licensed to apply biocides. We use environmentally acceptable products with common sense and according to New Jersey’s pesticide laws.

Nash Everett has been trained by the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) in the control and remediation of mold substances. We have a certified Mold Remediator” on staff, and we are also a member of the IAQA. This is the highest level of certification in the country, as there are no Federal certification laws that currently exist.