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Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Riverside Township

Mold Removal Treatment & Cleanups
From mold testing and abatement to meth lab cleanups, we are your go-to guys to fix any sort of mold-related problems. Count on our team of experienced professionals for top-quality services.

Remediation & Mold Testing
If your home has excess moisture due to a leak or even high humidity, mold usually starts to grow within 3 days. Our team provides excellent moisture and leak detection as well as mold testing and remediation.

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Fire & Water Damage Restoration
The team at Nash Everett can quickly clean up and restore your home after fire or water damage has occurred. Don’t wait to give our team a call as soon as the damage occurs.

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Nash Everett offers a 10% discount on services to seniors, law enforcement and veterans. Breathe easier tomorrow by calling today! Give us a call at
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Riverside Township Mold Removal Near Me

It is imperative to understand that mold spores are an airborne contaminate. Mold will start developing 24 hours after water exposure. If you have mold growth in your home, the spores will disperse throughout your home via the air. Therefore, while you may only have growth in one room, it can adversely affect the air quality throughout the home.

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Remediation or abatement of a mold problem could be as simple as a topical treatment however; it often requires the removal of walls, ceilings, insulation etc. Safely remediating an area includes isolating the growth area or affected rooms from the rest of the home prior to removing the contaminated area. The molded material should NOT be transported through the unaffected areas of the home. This is imperative because mold is airborne and billions of mold spores can be released when removing the damaged areas. HEPA filtration units should be temporarily installed and vented to the outside to create a negative air chamber and to scrub mold spores from the air. HEPA vacuum cleaners should be used to remove mold spores and debris associated with the removal process. All surfaces in the work area should be thoroughly sanitized with an antifungal/antimicrobial solution to catch and kill the mold spores.

Potential health hazards associated with mold:
•Upper respiratory issues
•Aggravation of asthma
•Difficulty in breathing
•Allergic reactions
•Eye infections
•Possibility of Cancer