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“Dry, itchy or just feeling like it’s sticking around, Mold should be taken seriously and addressed right away. Hidden Mold is the worst kind so it’s important to look for signs that Hidden Mold may be growing. When you’re dealing with mold, the last thing you want to do is make the situation worse.”

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The company is based in New York City and provides professional mold removal services in Manhattan Beach, California, Long Island City, Queens and Brooklyn, New York. “Dry, itchy or just feeling like it’s sticking around, Mold should be taken seriously and addressed right away. Hidden Mold is the worst kind so we have to look for certain signs that Hidden Mold may be developing. On top of any normal mold inspection, we offer a same day inspection and dry, itchy or burning skin, this will all be done before your mold removal services begin.” – Jason Drees, President and CEO, Dry Air Quality Testing, LLC.

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“A reputable mold removal company should be concerned about the health and welfare of their clients. They need to be aware of all mold growth potential including structural moisture problems, potential mold growth in areas where water pipes are located, and the potential for mold growth in humidified environments. Our mold removal technicians are certified to determine the extent of mold growth in structures and buildings and can also perform mold remediation when necessary after the mold removal process has been completed. Any area of concern should be documented and a mold removal team should be sent out to the affected location for further assessment and mold remediation.”

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Mold can cause many respiratory problems including Asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, allergy symptoms and much more. Mold spores can enter into a home and find their way into the air causing many different health problems. Mold remediation should only be done after mold removal. A professional mold removal company will conduct an on-site mold testing and remediation to help prevent future mold growth.

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Mold Remediation is a very costly process. Mold removal companies charge average prices for removing mold infestation. An average cost for mold removal will vary from average costs for tearing down walls to average costs for removing mold colonies. If tornadoes, floods or fires are involved average costs may increase. The mold removal average cost may vary from average costs for removing mold colonies or it may be a case of average cost for mold removal for one mold removal company to another. Mold remediation companies charge different fees for different tasks.

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If mold growth is detected by a trained mold inspection technician then the mold specialist will place the scanner on the outside walls of the building. The scanner will detect hidden areas where mold is growing. Hidden areas may be found in the insulation, roofing material or in the walls or floors of the building. Mold removal professionals will test the air quality in the building to find hidden mold growth. Once mold detection has been made, the mold removal specialist will be able to identify the mold species involved and the extent of the mold infestation.

The mold inspection technician will also conduct additional tests on the materials surrounding the mold growth. If a company wants to save money on mold removal, they may decide to perform mold testing and remove the mold on their own. A good way to save money on the tests is to work with a mold removal company that already has a license and insurance. Companies that are still working on their business may not have the proper equipment to remove the mold on their own. A company that already has the proper mold inspection equipment will make the testing and removal process faster and less expensive for the customer.

Once all mold testing and cleaning has been completed the air quality testing laboratory will provide a report of their findings. Mold inspection and testing labs offer an abundance of services to help businesses determine if they need to shut down their production until the mold issue has been resolved. Some mold removal companies will also offer ventilation and dehumidification services to help prevent mold from returning. Mold spores travel through the air. If the mold spores are allowed to return back into the air, the mold growth will continue to spread. Mold remediation testing and inspections must be performed on a regular basis to keep mold from spreading.