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Princeton Mold Removal

Nash Everett uses state-of-the-art tools & equipment for all remediation jobs.

If you have had a leak in your roof or flood damage has occurred chances are you need Nash Everett. We have more than enough mold removal equipment for any commercial or residential in Princeton, New Jersey.

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Princeton

We take pride in our mold expertise; we are NOT carpet cleaners or “do it all’s” We have over $100,000 in specialized mold equipment alone. We are mold removal experts.

Are services include:

Dry-wall Demolition
Ceiling Cleaning
Mold Stain Removal
Odor Removal
Flood Damage Restoration
Wall Cavity Drying
HVAC Mold Clean
Mold Prevention and Removal
New Construction VOC Removal
HEPA Air-scrubbing
Ozone Shock Treatment
+ Much More!
Our team is highly trained and specialized.

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If you can’t see or smell mold…It doesn’t mean you don’t have any.

Many different molds grow indoors in presence of moisture and cellulose. Some of these molds can cause allergic or toxic reactions, while others may suffer infections, lung disease, and cancer.

Best Mold Remediation in Princeton, New Jersey

At Nash Everett our priority is protecting you and your family from harm’s way. We use the best mold sampling equipment available, from scientific air pumps to using top caliber laboratories in the country for accurate analysis.

We recommend 3-4 air-sample tests but the bare minimum would be a control test outside and in an area of concern inside. Call for pricing (732) 508-9197.

If there are NO signs of mold growth but you have symptoms such as:

Itchy Eyes

Princeton Mold Removal Near Me

You want to consider getting a professional mold test with lab analysis.

If you can smell a musty organic scent, chances are there is mold somewhere in your indoor living environment exceeding that amount of mold outside… You want to consider a mold test!

affordable Nearby Mold Removal 08540

We take pride in using only the best mold sampling equipment on today’s commercial market.

The testing process begins by taking as many samples necessary, using swab, bio-slide and air cassette testing methods. Then we send them to the nation’s best lab for professional analysis with same day turn around. As soon as the samples are returned, we can determine if your environment is safe and the next steps to remediation. After testing we provide a protocol so you know exactly what to do if elevate mold is discovered.

Nash Everett is the only mold remediation company in Princeton to offer a 10-year mold free warranty.
Whether you are building a new home or want to treat your old shack we can apply an anti-microbial mold prevention treatment. Whether we are dealing with a powerful anti-microbial sealant or
fogging non-toxic mold inhibitors to prevent mold from growing.

We forgot to mention that Nash Everett is the only mold remediation company in Princeton that only remediates hazardous mold; we are truly mold remediation specialist…not carpet cleaners.

In our wet/humid environment it is important to take the right steps to protect your home and business. Every remediation job, includes fogging of mold inhibitors to keep you and your home protected in the future.

Let’s face it, chances are you will love us, but not want to see us again for mold services. That’s why we exceed the industry standards for remediation we do our best to completely protect your family and home from any chance of new growth with preventative mold treatments.

That way you never have to worry about the silent killer in your home or business. Take the right step to prevent mold from growing!

Antimicrobial coatings and sealants should not be used in place of proper source removal of mold contamination, it only serves to protect materials from future microbial growth.

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