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Have you or your loved ones experienced devastating loss in your home or business due to fire, flood, sewer backup, or storm damage? If so, then you need good cleanup and fast. Why leave the future of your home or office to chance, when you can get help from the best restoration and cleaning business in all of Pitman? The team of professionals at Nash Everett is ready to take care of you. With offices, we can help anywhere in Pitman. Check and see if we have a location near you, then give us a call.

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In addition to repairing structural and aesthetic damage, we are also able to clean and restore items other cleaners would throw away. These can include photos, computer data, heirlooms, art projects, and other irreplaceable items. If you can’t bear to lose it, then let us help you save it.

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While you get to rest easy, we work smartly to ensure that you receive the best restoration possible for your money. Along the way, we’ll also provide care and concern through the whole process. Above all, our goal is to take care of you. When you need us, we’re there for you?

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Best Mold Remediation in Pitman, New Jersey

Complete Mold Removal
We all know how bad mold is. Not only does it look terrible, but it causes allergic reactions and can even have long-term detrimental effects on your health. As Pitman’s top restoration company, mold removal is one of our primary services. We’ve talked at length about ways to prevent mold, which is the best approach, but despite our best efforts, sometimes we just can’t stop it. When that happens, it’s important to get rid of it fast. For that, you need to call in a professional company to clear it up.

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But is that company doing the job completely? You need to make sure you’re getting complete mold removal.

Fogging and Misting
Lately, we’re hearing a lot about fogging and misting. This is a process where mold killing chemicals are evaporated and spread with fogging machines. The chemicals are sprayed onto patches of mold to kill them. It does, in fact, kill the mold patches, and many companies like to float it as an option because it’s cheaper. A full removal adds hours of extra work and must include air quality tests to prove the mold has been taken out. Fogging is simply a faster and cheaper option. The problem is, it’s not a 100% viable solution for every infestation. Many retailers are selling mold fogging machines online.

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Not an Effective Mold Removal Tactic on Its Own
mold on drywall The IICR (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration) is a public health organization that organizes and collects data on the best and most efficient practices for cleaning homes. They have released guidelines for the best ways to remove mold to best protect your health. The EPA backs their reports on the issue. In their 2015 summary and guidelines, they state that it is important to completely remove all mold, as even dead, mold can cause all the same allergic reactions and health problems as if it were still living. In their presentation, they advise that “Remediators should not mist or fog disinfectants or sanitizers in an attempt to kill mold in lieu of source removal.”

The main problem with fogging is that it kills mold patches, but leaves the dead mold in place. Since the mold remains in place, it still serves as a health issue. It may even provide the necessary foundation for new mold patches to grow. After fogging, the mold still has to be wiped or scrapped off of the surface to completely remove it. This can be a start to cleaning mold patches on bathroom tile, or hard, non-porous surfaces, but don’t leave the job half-finished.