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“Dry Easy Mold Removal” is what the name suggests – easy and safe to remove mold and mildew from your home or business property. This type of mold removal is achieved by employing certified professionals with the proper training and experience who use the most advanced mold removal equipment. The best mold removal companies in the New York area offer services that are designed to both remove the mold and prevent it from returning. Some of the services offered include:

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Dryvasive Mold Removal: “Dryvasive” refers to the non-intrusive mold removal process which involves using non-toxic chemicals. “Water damage cleanup” on the other hand, is mold remediation using certified commercial cleaners and/or sanding, degreasing and painting, instead of dehumidification and mold removal. Dryvasive mold inspection can be used to detect mildew growth and prevent future occurrences. The inspection is performed to determine the existence of any hidden mold, moisture, or water damage.

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Air Quality Testing: Mold removal is often hampered by the lack of an air quality test to check for hidden mold and moisture. Mold spores easily travel in the air, especially when dampened. When testing for mold removal, professionals will also conduct air quality testing to find areas of excess moisture and sources of indoor air pollution.

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Mold Remediation: Mold remediation involves cleaning up mold and controlling the mold colony to prevent recurrence. Mold remediation services include mold removal, mold spores removal and mold remediation testing and cleaning. If you think you have mold, call a mold removal contractor for an inspection and estimate on cleaning and mold control. Professional mold inspectors are skilled at finding hidden mold colonies and moisture sources.

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Determining the Mold Type: In many states, mold removal is required before homes can be put on the market. For homeowners, it is important to know what type of mold you have before calling a mold specialist or mold removal company. For instance black mold is a different species than black mold. Professionals can help you determine the mold type and recommend treatment options.

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Mold Removal: Once mold inspection and mold remediation have been completed, mold removal is essential to health and safety. Mold spores are inhaled and can cause serious health problems. Mold spores are found everywhere: in the air, in the earth, and most importantly in the homes of people who are exposed to it. It is vital to call a mold specialist or mold removal company immediately when mold is detected. They will advise the appropriate steps for removing the mold.

Mold Inspection: Many people mistakenly believe mold inspection only requires visual inspection of the inside of the house. Mold spores are invisible to the naked eye but can be tracked through the air. This is why mold removal companies often offer air quality testing. If mold has been identified in your home, they will test the air quality and consult with you about the best way to address the mold problem. In fact, most mold removal professionals offer air quality testing as part of their service.

Dehumidification: Often overlooked by the general public, proper dehumidification of your home is absolutely essential for mold removal. The moisture in your home is necessary for mold growth; therefore, the air should be properly dried. To do this, it is important to hire a mold specialist or mold removal company to thoroughly evaluate the humidity in your home. If excessive moisture exists, the mold specialist may recommend the installation of an exhaust fan in your attic. In extreme cases, he or she may recommend the complete roofing restoration process. Once mold has been removed, the air ducts must also be sealed to prevent the return of mold spores.