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Quality Matters with Mold Removal

First of all, we understand that quality of service is important to you! Because of the toxic nature of mold quality is also important for the health of your family, employees, and customers. We prioritize providing quality black mold removal and mold remediation services with hassle-free customer experience. Because the core of our DNA is excellence.

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We have thousands of examples of mold that was not visible on the surface. Because hidden mold is the cornerstone of the mold remediation industry.

It is the dangerous and toxic side of the mold. So, cleaning only the surface mold, when a deeper problem is present. It’s like putting a band-aid on a deep wound that needs stitches. Sub-surface mold will continue to grow at a rampant pace and continue to put off harmful mycotoxins.

Could Hidden Mold in Your Home be Making You Sick?

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This the season for sickness, as the common cold and flu are easily passed between us all! Passaic, NJ area seems to be especially bad for people with respiratory issues from the winter blues to the lengthy allergy seasons. So, it can be easy to dismiss our sore throats and runny noses as part of the Passaic
seasons. However, if your sickness is lasting longer than normal or recurring then further consideration of hidden mold in your home should be given.

Common Symptoms of Mold Exposure:
•Sinus Pressure
•Sore Throat
•Shortness of Breath
•Chronic Cough
•Weezing or Prolonger Respiratory Issues
•Loss of Balance or Dizzyness
•Morning Stiffness or Joint Pain
•Fatigue and Depression
•Unexplained Weight Changes
•Rashes and Skin Issues

Best Mold Remediation in Passaic, New Jersey

The presence of mold in your home can have a big impact on your health. Being exposed to high levels of mold can suppress or hinder your immune system from working the way, it is supposed to, which makes you much more susceptible to seasonal illnesses. Mold doesn’t affect everyone the same way, so make sure you are aware of all the different ways your body can react. The most serious reactions to mold are for those with mold allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma. While it may be easy to confuse these conditions with cold or flu symptoms, it is important to look into them and make sure that mold is not playing into the situation. Breathing in the dust, with mold spores can also cause irritation to your lungs to the point where it can become a serious lung condition. There are even cases of people developing asthma from extensive exposure to mold.

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We Recommend Having Your Home Inspected for Mold
You can have your home inspected for mold by a professional to determine if mold could be a factor. At Nash Everett we provide mold inspections, mold air testing, and free estimates. In addition, we can advise on how to prevent mold from occurring. We will take the time to go through your home and make sure there are no places where mold has begun to grow. We will work directly with you to take care of any issues that we may find and also provide counsel on how to fix and prevent problems. With over 10 years of customer satisfaction and a 5-star customer rating, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands with our mold professionals.

Caution is Needed in Mold Removal
In the world of most contractor’s, unfortunately, the dangers of black mold exposure and improper removal are rarely considered. For someone who does not understand the volatile airborne properties of mold, it appears that mold removal is not a big deal and anyone can remove it. What most people don’t realize is often times this method of improper mold removal only makes the situation worse. Due to the dangers of black mold exposure, removal must be done with only one approach. With an emphasis on safety and with the help of a certified, experienced, and insured professional.

If caution and precautions are not exercised spreading the contamination will be the end result. Mold spores are very small and become airborne at the smallest disturbance.

That is why mold removal is done with similar protocols to asbestos removal and great care should be taken to follow EPA recommendations. We wish we could say that all mold professionals
follow these protocols, but unfortunately, that isn’t so!

The Safe & Controlled Approach
Here at Nash Everett, we prefer to discuss toxic mold removal and remediation in two words. “Safe” and “controlled”. All customers respond with one prevailing thought whenever mold is found. Remove it! Quickly!” Similarly, as the person who is injured and has some sharp object lodged in their body. Hence the first response is “ouch-pull it out”. Rather medical professionals tell us not to do this ourselves. They instruct us to go to the hospital. Because uncontrolled removal of the object will only cause further damage. Likewise, is the case with black mold removal as well.

If caution and precautions are not exercised in removing mold contamination, damage to the property will be the result. For example, when undisturbed fungi grow it can give off “mycotoxins” as it sporulates. Even when the mold is dormant it can also produce allergens. Furthermore, mold spores/toxins become airborne when disturbed. When the spores have been inhaled, they can begin creating health problems not limited to upper respiratory problems.

9 Steps to a Quality Nash Everett Mold Removal Project
•Initial Estimate & Inspection
•Containment Barrier Setup
•Removal of Personal Property
•Setup Negative Pressure & Air Scrubbers
•Mold Damage Removal
•HEPA, Sanitize & Wipe Clean
•Sealant Application
•Vent Cleaning
•Post Testing & Reconstruction

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What to Expect During a Mold Remediation Project?
1. Initial Estimate or Inspection
First of all, an initial estimate or inspection will be done. This provides us with vital information to determine the extent of the mold damage. Our mold pros will ask for a detailed history for the property in regards to maintenance and repairs if available. In addition, they may use testing equipment to determine the level of moisture or humidity. Because both can cause and or support microbial growth.

This inspection is noninvasive in nature. However, when the mold is suspected it may become necessary to remove small areas of materials for a proper inspection.

Our inspector’s goal is to spend adequate time looking at your property thoroughly. Due to the need to gain a good understanding of the extent of mold damage that has occurred. Finally, our mold pro will provide a detailed estimate and a verbal explanation for what needs to occur to obtain a hassle-free resolution.

2. Containment Barrier Setup
EPA, IICRC, and others have created guidelines for safe mold remediation. The first step to creating a safe environment is the use of containment barriers.

As a result, creating a controlled environment by creating a plastic containment chamber. This containment area is built around the contaminated area. Once the chamber has been built, then it is put under negative pressure and air scrubbers are used to minimize the number of mold spores in the air. Therefore, enables for safe black mold removal to be completed with no exposure to other parts of your home, office or building.

3. Removal of Personal Property
Almost all of our jobs require the handling, cleaning, and discarding of personal property. Most of the time this would include porous items like wood, drywall, cardboard, flooring, books, etc. Even more fabrics like carpet, rugs, upholstery, drapes, and clothing may be discarded. We try to minimize the loss of personal property. Non-porous items like plastic, glass & metals will need to be thoroughly treated and cleaned. The discussion of personal property will be a frequent topic between you the customer and the onsite mold professional.

4. Setup of Negative Pressure & Air Scrubbers
We will establish negative air pressure with professional-grade machines. Furthermore, air scrubbers are used to clean the air with a specialized, professional-grade HEPA filtration system. Another demand to lower indoor humidity levels may require dehumidifiers as well. These machines many times will run
throughout the length of the project.

5. Mold Damage Removal
First of all, our crew will suit up in their EPA required personal protective gear. While it may look like the aliens have landed, we assure you that the use of hazmat gear is needed to ensure the health and safety of our crew. Also, it keeps our crews clean so they are not spreading mold spores into other parts of
your home. Because the process of black mold removal creates a lot of dust and debris. Hence, the need for all of the steps we have outlined here. Above all, close attention to detail and a focus on quality is needed! Our crew will remove mold damaged materials that are unsalvageable and beyond repair. Consequently, this process can produce a lot of trash and a dumpster on-site may be required.

6. HEPA, Sanitize & Wipe Clean
We begin a detailed cleaning once all of the mold damaged materials have been removed. First of all, by HEPA vacuuming all surfaces of fine debris and dust. Furthermore, this final clean includes multiple rounds of scrubbing salvageable materials. By applying professional-grade antimicrobial products. Aggressive cleaning with specialized tools and solutions. This process is to thoroughly remove the presence of existing mold spores on all remaining materials and surfaces.

We also take the time to clean all equipment and tools prior to removing them from the containment area. To ensure no cross-contamination between the containment area and the rest of your space.

7. Apply Sealant
We will use a specialized professional-grade antimicrobial sealant in this final stage. Because this product provides a thick coating that seals all porous materials. Also, it helps prevent mold growth in the future. We highly recommend this mold sealant for new construction, basement projects and for
renovation jobs. This allows for once mold-prone materials to become sealed in a specialized formula. As a result, the product blocks the mold from using the materials as a food source thereby minimizing damage.

8. Vent Cleaning
Depending on the size of your mold remediation project additional air cleaning may be needed. Our mold pros highly recommend vent cleaning every 4-8 years as a standard indoor air quality practice.

However, we recommend cleaning vents thoroughly after extensive black mold removal project as well. Having the inside of your vents sprayed with antimicrobial solutions is a must-have after a mold project. If our mold pros recommend this service, they will include the cost of this service in your estimate.

9. Post Testing & Reconstruction
Finally, all of the mold remediation steps are now complete! Depending on the size of your mold project, our mold pros may recommend post-testing the air quality. Provided by a 3rd party and not affiliated with our company. This ensures the highest integrity and peace of mind for you, our customer.

Once we receive an “all clear” on the post-testing results now the process to reconstruct can begin. If you do not have a favorite general contractor, please speak with our mold pros about the reconstruction of your property.