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All right, so you’ve already called in the professionals at Nash Everett services to test for mold.
The bad news: you’ve got mold! The good news: we can help you with that. At Nash Everett Services we don’t only test for mold, we know how to remove and remediate it, too.

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Passaic County

Mold can happen anywhere hospitable conditions exist.
The spores are all around us, every day, just floating around in the air, waiting to find that perfect spot to settle down and start a colony.

Unfortunately, once your home or business has provided that, mold can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

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Once high concentrations of spores have been introduced into an environment, they can quickly spread to other areas, making mold a building-wide problem.

While most mold does not harm people, some types can be harmful, and certain people are more sensitive to the effects of mold spore saturation than others.

Children, pets, the elderly, those with asthma and allergies, or compromised immune systems can all be adversely affected by the presence of mold.

The IICRC certified service providers at Nash Everett Services not only know about mold testing, but we have the training, equipment, and experience to know what to do once we find it.

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Mold Assessments and Remedies
The IICRC is a standard-setting non-profit organization dealing with the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries.

Every one of our service technicians has been trained and IICRC certified so that you know our service has already been held to the highest possible standard.

We are willing to invest the time and money that IICRC training and certification requires, because we can pass that value onto you, our customers, so that there can be no doubt in your mind that you are dealing with mold removal professionals. Unfortunately, mold removal involves more than simply taking contaminated materials out of your home or business, and leaving them on the curb.

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Unless the source of moisture has been removed, and the moist conditions dealt with, mold will be a reoccurring problem that will end up costing you far more in terms of both time and money in the long run.

It is always better to contact a professional at Nash Everett Services as soon as mold has been detected within your property. If you are uncertain that mold is present, but suspect that it might be, call or email us now.

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We also offer mold testing services.
Mold Remediation
According to IICRC standards, there are five major principles of mold remediation.
The first is to make sure that the correct health and safety measures have been taken, ensuring the proper precautions are taken by both cleanup professionals and the affected building’s occupants.
Anyone involved in the clean-up procedure must be protected from exposure, and we at Nash Everett Services have been trained in the correct combination of controls and practices.

An effective mold remediation plan can’t be developed without a post-cleanup assessment by an independent environmental expert.

Only once the extent of the contamination has been determined can materials be assessed and treated or removed, as necessary. Next, the source of contamination must be eliminated.
If mold is not found and controlled before it can spread, then the spores become airborne and the problem can become widespread and difficult to capture. Then, our professionals will oversee the physical removal of mold-contaminated materials.

It is easy to remove the physical appearance of mold, and you may be tempted to try to save money by doing it yourself, but even chemicals as strong as bleach cannot kill mold. Only a trained professional knows how to properly destroy mold at its source, and are often aware of sources of mold that cannot be detected by sight alone.

The final step is to ensure that moisture and humidity are brought down to inhospitable (to mold) levels. If the source of moisture is not dealt with, mold is sure to return. Luckily, Nash Everett Services can help you with water damage problems, as well.

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