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Old Bridge Township Mold Removal

Mold Removal Old Bridge Township, NJ
Highly advanced mold remediation methods to ensure the fastest mold removal process.
Certified mold remediation technicians.

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Old Bridge Township Mold Removal is offering the most accurate and detailed air quality test.

Air Quality Testing
Air quality testing can tell you whether you have a mold problem even if you cannot find the evidence mold growth. We test air samples from your home or business for the concentration of mold spores. Samples are taken from the air and are later examined under a microscope in our labs.

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Water Damage Restoration
Our water extraction equipment will remove the majority of the water from the affected area(s) including carpets and upholstery. After that we use industrial fans, desiccant drying equipment and dehumidifiers to rapidly dry the still wet areas. We then use a HEPA filtered vacuum to clean up the remaining dust that might have settled on the surface(s).

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Mold Inspections
We visually inspect to pinpoint the problem areas in your home or business. we then try to pinpoint the source of the moisture which is most likely the reason that you may have a mold problem. Swabs and air samples will be taken to our laboratory for analysis. We provide the testing results to you as well as a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations for remediation.

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Mold removal
Steps of mold removal: 1. The source of the water must be identified and corrected 2. All wet materials (including carpets and upholstery) must be dried completely. 3. Removal of all items including furniture from the infected area 4. Contaminated area must be sealed off from the rest of the property 5. Mold growth on surfaces is sanded and cleaned 6. Contained area must be completely dried, filtered and fumigated

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Post Mold Remediation
After mold had been removed, Post Remediation Verification Inspection (PRVI) can assure that the mold cleanup has been done correctly and effectively in the work area and confirm that the cleanup did not accidentally distribute high levels of moldy dust and debris into other areas of the building or into its mechanical systems such as heating or air conditioning systems.

Insurance Handling
Home insurance companies usually don’t cover mold damage unless it’s directly related to a “covered peril” such as Fire; Lightning; Vandalism or malicious mischief; Damage caused by vehicles; Theft; Falling objects; Weight of ice, snow, or sleet; Accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam; Frozen pipes. Our experts will assist you in filling the insurance claim.