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We are a local, family owned company serving North Bergen. We have performed thousands of mold inspections, tests, and remediation projects since 2001. We have served government agencies, universities, real estate agents, renters, and property owners. It is our mission to help you with your mold problems and answer your questions.

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If you discover mold growth in your home or business, the tips below may help. If you have questions or need further help, call us to speak with us. We won’t charge for the call, and we won’t try to sell you anything.

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We are a group of hard-working people who clean up mold in North Bergen homes and businesses. Nash Everett was founded in 2001. We try to serve with honesty and integrity, and take time to find out about your needs to help you make the best decisions.

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Mold Removal
Mold Remediation is the removal, cleanup and/or control of mold growth within building structures. The main goal of mold remediation is to remove visible sources of mold and leave the affected space visibly clean and free of the odors associated with mold growth. Once an area is effectively remediated, and the moisture source is controlled, mold growth should not reoccur. Depending on the area in which mold is found, remediation can have many different faces. At Nash Everett our primary remediation goals are always the same: to provide a building structure which is safe and habitable, to protect the resale value of the property, and to prevent the occurrence of visible mold growth in the future.

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Interior Mold Remediation
Mold growth within the living area of the home, such as a basement or kitchen, must be conducted in a very careful manner. Generally, according to the EPA, areas of less than 10 square feet can be handled by the average homeowner or property manager. Areas that are larger than this may require the attention of a professional. Containment of the work area, removal of affected materials, cleaning and decontaminating of contained areas and preventative measures are all required for the remediation of mold within living areas.

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Often during real estate transactions or during brief trips to non-living areas of the home, mold may be found to be hiding in the attic or crawl space. Mold growth in these areas does not usually pose the same level of health risks to building occupants and may be handled in a way that is not as invasive or expensive. Often times, the primary concern of remediation in these areas is to protect the resale value of the home and prevent future structural problems due to subsequent wood rot. Nash Everett has devised a simple solution to mold growth in these areas that provides effective treatment of the problem without the use of more costly procedures.

Mold growth on the exteriors of homes and businesses are not considered a health risk by most health care professionals. The potential deteriorating effects to building materials still exists, and some level of personal protection is still warranted when cleaning up these areas. Mold on fences, siding or roofing can be unsightly and difficult to correct. Through the use of various cleaning methods, these problems can be resolved and prevented from occurring again in the future.