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Following any recent water damage or excessive moisture, mold is your next primary concern. If mold begins to settle and grow in your home, it could mean severe
respiratory ailments for you and your family. Don’t let that be the case. Call Restoration 1 of Colorado Springs for 24-hour mold remediation in
Newark NJ!

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If Your Home Was in a Flood, Your Next Worry is Mold

Household mold requires the right conditions to grow. After flooding, your home is bogged down by moisture and humidity, not to mention rot from the water itself.
This is the perfect scene for mold to flourish.

Importance of Mold Remediation
Most types of mold these days are relatively harmless in small amounts. But, with an infestation, your concerns are valid. It can be harmful to your respiratory health.

Our mold remediation service is designed to eliminate mold from your home, sanitize the area, and prevent recurring infestations.

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Causes & Risks of Mold
Most often, mold is caused by moisture in an enclosed space, such as your home after flood damage or a burst pipe, for example. Then, as mold settles into the
property, it starts to cause various symptoms. These symptoms include:

Skin irritation and rashes
Watery or itchy eyes
High fever
Difficulty breathing
Respiratory disease

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What is Black Mold?
Black mold is a particular type of mold known for being dangerous to human health. When inhaled, the spores can lead to severe health concerns, including chronic
coughing and persistent headaches. You can typically identify black mold by its coloring, which is most often green or dark black, and its raised appearance on

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There is no safe level of living with mold, although some molds are more dangerous to human health than others. When molds are disturbed, they are able to
release tiny spores that can travel and become a health problem for humans.

HVAC Cleaning and Decontamination
As part of our mold remediation services, we also provide HVAC cleaning and decontamination. Over time, the spores from your mold problem will enter the air ducts.
Your heating and cooling system then force these spores into each room. We’ll stop this from happening by cleaning and sanitizing the entire system.

Mold in Crawlspace Treatment
Your home’s crawlspace can easily succumb to mold over the years. When it does, your home’s interior is next. Before that, let us know you’ve got a mold problem.
We’ll send our very best to your home to eliminate both the mold and its source.

Mold in Laundry Rooms
Your laundry room is likely small. It’s an enclosed space, with two large appliances, and a lot of humidity and moisture. It’s the perfect breeding ground for
mold. On occasion, check the area. If you spot mold there, give us a call for assistance.

Bathroom & Kitchen Mold Remediation
Often, we find mold in the bathroom or kitchen because of appliances and plumbing in use in either room. Both are susceptible to mold over the years. At the first sign,
give us a call. We’ll send our top mold experts to eradicate your mold problem.

HVAC Cleaning and Decontamination
When mold spores begin to feast and reproduce, they spread into every nook and cranny in the house. This often includes the air ducts and HVAC system. Here,
they spread to each room. We need to clean and decontaminate the system to improve your indoor air quality.

Preventative Measures
Finally, the last portion of mold remediation is taking preventative measures. We need to stop mold from returning to your home in the future. We do so by
treating the underlying cause of your mold. If you have a leak, we’ll address it then and there.

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