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If you discover black mold in your home, you should have it removed immediately. While not all black mold or other household molds are toxic, mold spores and particulates can still cause health problems. Learn more about black mold removal and what you can do to make sure it is cleaned up properly.

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Assessing the Danger of Black Mold
Some varieties of black mold contain toxins that can have adverse health effects in humans. However, even common household molds are a health risk simply by breathing in the spores. Too much mold in the air can cause problems with the airways, which can lead to respiratory symptoms in even healthy people. It is much worse for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, weakened immune systems, and lung diseases.

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Even if black mold is not affecting your health in any noticeable way, if you can smell it or see it, then you need to have it removed from your home.

Black mold harms the health of visitors to your home and may have health effects on you that you have not noticed yet. The growth of noticeable, visible mold also means there are water leaks or other moisture infiltration in your home that need to be addressed. Potential moisture problems can cause damage to your home’s building materials and structure, as well.

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How to Remove Black Mold
The best way to deal with a mold problem in your home is to contact a Nash Everett. These mold removal and remediation specialists can help with you many different aspects of mold removal including:

• Identifying the type or types of mold that grow in your home
• Locate mold in hard-to-see places, including inside HVAC ducts, inside walls, and under carpeting
• Advising you of the best way to remove different types of mold and mold from different locations
• Removing all of the mold in your home, especially in difficult-to-access areas

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We are happy to offer you a free consultation to decide what steps are best for you to take with mold removal. You may be able to handle some aspects of the cleanup yourself, but we recommend professional help in making sure that all mold is removed. But we are happy to offer our knowledge and advice for free in order for you to make an educated decision on how you want to proceed with mold remediation.