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Mold is one of the unseen wreckers of homes and businesses for a variety of reasons. Colonies of mold destroy the infrastructure of buildings, eating into the materials that comprise walls, ceilings and even floors, while mold spores take flight through the air and HVAC systems to create dismal air quality and even health implications.

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Lyndhurst

Why You Need a Professional Mold Removal Company in New Jersey
Mold comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it hard to pinpoint where growth started, what type of mold is present in a home and what dangers come with its spores. Only a true professional can correctly identify the presence of fungus in your home and offer the mold removal in New Jersey required to eliminate it in its entirety.

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Much of the time, mold is caused by water damages that have gone unchecked or by recent damage that was improperly addressed. Spores take hold in humid, damp, dark places, often out of sight where they can proliferate and wreak havoc on your building—let Nash Everett seek out your mold issue and completely eliminate it before your home or business is affected and the health of you and your family is put in danger.

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The Mold Remediation process and Eradicating Spores
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•Inspection and Assessment
•Drying and Filtration
•Removal and Disposal
•Cleaning and Remediation
•Restoration to better than it was before

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The first step in mold removal in New Jersey is to contact Nash Everett and we will determine how it came to be there in the first place and mitigate any factors that may be lending themselves to its continued growth. Nash Everett will also identify any leaking plumbing, moisture-confining areas and other factors that have allowed fungal growth and work to disbar the conditions that persist.

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Once the conditions for mold growth have been remedied, we’ll set to work on removing the mold in its entirety. Our technicians are highly trained to remove mold colonies effectively and efficiently, without leaving any damage to your infrastructure or areas where mold growth has taken hold.

When we’ve successfully eradicated mold in your space, we’ll then sterilize the environment to make sure that any microscopic mold spores have been neutralized and that no more particulates are waiting in the shadows to take hold further in the future. Our cleaning encompasses all aspects of mold circulation and can include not only the affected area, but also HVAC systems and ducts where mold spores can collect, as well.

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If you sense a decrease in the quality of your New Jersey home or business’ air, deal with persistent allergy issues year-round or smell an odor indicative of mold growth or excess moisture, let Nash Everett inspect your space for mold.