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In nature, mold breaks down dead organic matter, a necessary process in the environment. Indoors, however, that process can create serious problems. Mold can cause structural damage to a Mold removal service Lake Como building and can create severe health issues in your home or office. Mold remediation is an extensive process. Nash Everett of Lake Como has successfully provided mold removal in Lake Como for residents and businesses. We are the experts!

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The need for mold removal can be easily spotted; patchy, dark, discoloration on surfaces in your home or business is a major indicator that there may be mold hiding beneath the surface of your walls, floors, or furniture. That, accompanied by a musty, stale odor, absolutely verifies that you have mold remediation needs. However, the signs of mold in a home or business are not always so clearly noticeable. We use technologically advanced infrared imaging to find moisture and mold that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Mold can’t hide from us.

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In addition to the structural manifestations of mold, the behavior of those in the home or office can also provide clues to possible mold affected areas. Those with asthma are particularly sensitive to the mold spores in the air, as are children. Adults without respiratory conditions may experience cold or flu-like symptoms, headaches, or dizziness as a result of the mold spores. Increased illnesses may be a sign that mold has become a problem in your home or office.

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Removing mold can become a tricky process if all causes of the problem are not appropriately addressed and totally eradicated. The mold and the moisture in the building needs to be fully eradicated to prevent future mold problems.

Mold spores can exist in a home long after the visual evidence has been removed. Nash Everett of Lake Como makes sure that the mold damage is repaired, as well as making sure that you have the tips and knowledge to maintain a mold-free home or business.

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Mold removal is important to preserve the structure of the building, and to keep the people living in the building safe and healthy. If you find that mold has crept into your building in the Lake Como area, please don’t hesitate to contact Nash Everett of Lake Como. Our mold remediation technicians will make sure that your building is restored to the health and safety standards your family or employees deserve.