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Lacey Township Mold Removal

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Lacey Township

Mold is one of the most dangerous contaminants that can inhabit a home or building because it can cause major property damage as well as serious health effects. Moisture is the main cause of indoor mold as it typically forms on wet materials including: wood, drywall, wallpaper, insulation, and carpeting. Once the mold growth forms, it uses the affected surfaces as a food source which can lead to severe structural damage. Exposure to the mold spores can lead to health issues as well, such as allergic reactions (coughing, skin irritation, throat inflammation, etc.) and respiratory infections.

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Your home or building can experience mold growth within just 48 hours of being affected by water damage or excess moisture. Mold is a major risk to cause serious structural damage because mold colonies consume cellulose, an organic substance found in most building materials, as a food source. This means that the mold will devour these surfaces, eventually causing extensive damage that cannot be restored.

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Ultimately, the longer you wait to have the mold removed, the more likely it is for the mold to spread to new areas and cause deep structural damage. The health issues caused by mold will also become much worse with prolonged exposure.

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At Nash Everett of Lacey Township, we use advanced equipment to test your home or building for mold and make sure that it is completely removed. Our infrared technology will help us locate mold in hidden areas and our powerful chemicals will remove the mold growth , preventing it from returning. We will also restore or replace the damaged materials.

Discovering Mold – What to Do:
• Call Nash Everett of Lacey Township for immediate mold removal remediation.
• Wear proper protection equipment, including eye wear, gloves, and a breathing mask when present around the mold.
• Wipe down any walls that contain condensation but not mold.
• Inspect the air duct system for signs of mold.
• Increase the air flow throughout the property by turning on the air conditioning unit or overhead fan.
• Use a dehumidifier if you have one.

Mold Removal – What NOT to Do:
• Do not clean any moldy surfaces yourself.
• Do not place a fan directly in front of the mold.
• Do not paint or caulk over any moldy surfaces.
• Do not disturb any visible mold.
• Our mold remediation services include the following steps:
• Complete assessment of the home or building to discover the extent of the problem. We will perform testing at this stage to find all mold growth.
• Report of our assessment to your insurance provider.
• Containment of the mold growth to prevent it from spreading.
• Creation of a mold remediation plan to remove mold growth from the home or building.
• Cleaning and restoration of the damaged areas after the mold is removed.

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The property damage and health effects that are caused by mold will each get worse until the mold growth is removed completely.

As soon as you notice mold in your home or business in Lacey Township contact Nash Everett of Lacey Township to remove it with our mold remediation services.