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Contact Nash Everett for mold removal services in the Keansburg area. Mold is not an issue to be taken lightly. Mold can affect your health and even the health of your pets. Mold has been linked to asthma, sinus problems, eye burning and even depression and memory impairment. Infamous black mold has caused symptoms similar to colds and flu, and even diarrhea and headaches.

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A mold inspection may be a wise move is you suspect you have a mold issue in your home or office in Keansburg. Of course, inspections aren’t always needed, especially if you can visibly see mold growing in your residence or business structure.

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However, a mold inspection may alert you to a situation which may develop into a health risk down the road. The procedure will involve a visual examination, sampling of the mold to determine the species you are dealing with, and a sampling of your air quality which reveals the extend of the spores floating in the air.

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Even if you’re not sure you’re ready for mold removal help , feel free to contact us to discuss your mold suspicions. We’re happy to share our experience and answer mold removal questions for our neighbors in the Keansburg area.
• Immediate Response – We provide 24-hour damage restoration services. Your call will be answered by a live person.
• Moisture Detection – Professional Cleaning Solutions uncovers unseen moisture in floors and walls so we can present further mold problems down the road.
• Comprehensive Services – Every part of your mold removal needs is handled from inspection to testing, removing odors and mold remediation.
• Insurance Accepted – On your behalf, we work with your insurance company. We also offer flexible and convenient payment options.
• Professional Training – PCS technicians have years of hands-on experience. We’ve handled mold problems like you are experiencing before.

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Why It’s Important to Act Quickly When You Have Mold!
Mold can affect your health and even the health of your pets.

Our Mold Removal Service Area are throughout New Jersey and Beyond.

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With instantaneous response, prompt action, years of experience and a highly proficient staff, we are specialized to help recover and restore your property and minimize your inconvenience.

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Nash Everett can also provide you with the latest in Mold Testing Technology.