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Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Jackson Township

Nash Everett Mold Removal Company on a mission:

We are dedicated to fixing not only your mold problem, but also helping find the cause. We believe quality of service is the best advertisement, so each customer is treated professionally

. It has always been our priority to remediate every mold problem in a timely manner, getting you back to your daily lives quickly without adding more to an already stressful situation.

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Mold in the Basement is a thing of the past after our quality technicians take care of it. Our men are no strangers to even cleaning up ENTIRE HOUSES with mold infestations for banks, insurance companies, or Homebuyers buying homes having suffered from being closed up to long without power, plumbing or roof leaks. We have fast turnaround time even for the largest of projects, most being completed within the week you tell us to start.

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Your average basement mold problem is usually caused by ground moisture (vapor migration), improper ventilation, basement walls that need waterproofed, a leaky pipe, or flooding from drains or sump pumps backing up. While not the only reasons, they are the most common.

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Empty basements or crawlspaces are easiest to treat and usually only take 2-3 men 1 day. We can even take on your biggest basement mold removal projects as well. Our highly trained technicians will contain the work area away from your living area while the mold is treated. Some companies use toxic chemicals and can make you or your family sick, we use SAFE mold solutions because we have your health in mind.

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Treating the mold in the basement is sometimes only a small fraction of the real problem. When we arrive and assess the damage, and if you haven’t done so yet, we’ll figure out what’s causing the mold.
Mold in a crawlspace is not much different than mold in the basement or attic. The difference is height. A crawl space can be located above or below your house. Basement crawlspaces and basements share the same causes of mold, just like attic crawlspaces and attics.

One of our projects today was mold on the wood in the ceiling of the crawlspace, caused from a radiator that busted and leaked down, soaking the carpet and seeping through the floor. It was a fairly simple and common type job we regularly experience, not always stemming from a radiator water/moisture source, but, the same scope and protocol.

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Our method on how to remove mold from crawlspace:
Naturally, we set up a containment, disinfected the area by fogging non-toxic disinfectant chemicals to lower the air borne contaminants, applied our mold stain removal formula, and treated the wood with our safe mold killing and future prevention treatment, and finally gassed out the entire space with high levels of ozone to shock and kill the mold, after thoroughly HEPA vacuuming.

We highly recommend not trying to if you don’t know what you’re doing. Mold can make you sick and spread fast! How fast? 1 spore to 100,000 in 12 hours mold tests have shown. We use proper equipment, protective clothing from head to toe, and full face masks with gas respirator cartridges, along with experience.

Whether you have mold in a basement or attic crawl space, our trained mold experts can assist you.

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