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Hudson County Mold Removal

Mold growth in your house? Don’t worry.
Since 2006, Nash Everett has eased the minds of thousands of homeowners, renters, and realtors with our quick and easy mold remediation. Each of our mold removal jobs are guaranteed by a 10-year warranty.

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Hudson County

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Hudson County Area Mold Remediation & Inspection Services
•Mold Inspection & Testing
If you are unsure if you have a mold problem in your Hudson Countyland home, we can perform a mold test and inspection to determine if you indeed have a mold problem.

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Please note though that most of the time a mold test is unnecessary and a waste of money if you already see mold.

•Mold Remediation
We provide honest mold removal without all the hype, overblown prices and scare tactics. Most information on mold is dead wrong. Mold problems are common but can be fixed safely, quickly, and at a reasonable cost—sometimes without a professional. When a professional is needed, we provide Free Estimates and can usually be at your home or business within 1-2 business days.

Best Mold Remediation in Hudson County, New Jersey

Our Remediation Process:
•Containment of Mold Area
•HEPA Air Scrubbing
•Selective Demolition of Affected Area
•HEPA Vacuum
•Antimicrobial Cleaning
•Final HEPA Vacuuming & Cleanup of Work Area

Hudson County Mold Removal Near Me

Black Mold Removal
We get questions about black mold all the time. The truth about black mold is that there are many types of molds that are black in color. Most of what you read about the health effects of black mold are unproven. So, what are the real health effects of black mold? All molds, be it black, green, yellow, etc. can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Further, just because it’s black does not mean it can potentially impact your health any more or less than any other color of mold. The color of the mold is irrelevant because the proper way to remove mold is the exact same regardless of the color or species.

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A New Kind of Mold Removal Company
We take great pride in serving you, our neighbors and the community.

Nash Everett was founded in 2006 after an unpleasant experience with another mold company. We knew there had to be a better way. From day one, our mission has been to create a new kind of mold company built on the simple premise that you are entitled to truth, excellence, and complete transparency.

Our approach to mold removal is better

This might surprise you but we believe that, in most cases, mold testing is a waste of money. Also, we believe that you can fix many mold problems without a professional and we will tell you upfront when this is the case. If you do need a professional, you can have peace of mind knowing that we have completed thousands of jobs with our core team, made up of highly experienced professionals whose average tenure is ten years. Attic mold, basement mold, bathroom mold, kitchen mold — you name it, we’ve seen it.

We care about the Hudson County community
We take great pleasure in serving our community both through charitable works and by helping people fix mold problems. Contact us today to fix your mold problem
and discover the Nash Everett Difference.