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Howell Township Mold Removal

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Howell Township

Contained removal of toxic water-damaged & mold contaminated materials with HEPA negative air filtration and dust control for safer removal.

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Multi-stage air & surface treatments which provide 360º protection against harmful molds, bacteria, & viruses down to the molecular level.

Best Mold Remediation in Howell Township, New Jersey

Preventive mold resistant treatments & guidance that keeps your property safe for years. 3rd party lab results to ensure safety.

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Mold can lower your property’s value dramatically, scare potential buyers away, and can be used as a bargaining tactic against you. Also, in certain situations it can lead to major lawsuits. We greatly minimize these risks through proper removal and disinfection processes then use 3rd-party lab testing to help protect you.

Industry Leading Value
Our systems, expertise, and technology give us a distinct edge over our competitors allowing us to offer a far superior service at a highly competitive rate.

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Most mold removal companies rely solely on a pump-up sprayer and cheap chemicals. We use state-of-the art UV systems, fogging technology, co2 disinfection, and plant derived solutions. For a far superior service that is safe & designed to last.

Service That You Can Trust

The mold remediation industry is full of scams, low-quality services that don’t really solve your problem, and so called “experts” who in reality aren’t experts. With Nash Everett, you can rest assure your problem will be handled by a trusted team mold professional, utilizing the best technology. Without all the b.s.

Professional Mold Removal Howell Township, NJ
We’ve spent the past 5 years testing new technologies, and working with the industry’s top hygienists to provide our clients with the industry’s safest, most effective, and proven systems. Our competitors on the other hand are still reliant on spray bottles and cheap chemicals.

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Certified Mold Inspection
4 Air Samples (1 Indoor Vs. 1 Outdoor) Included
Third-Party Lab Report
Moisture Detection
Remediation cost & solution plan