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Hopatcong Mold Removal

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Mold and desert. Two words that many don’t think have anything to do with each other. Those of us who live in the Hopatcong, NJ know differently, though.

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Hopatcong

We get unexpected winter storms, monsoons, and standing water issues. At Nash Everett we know mold can happen anywhere.

Our mold removal experts also know that many mold strains harmful to humans. Especially black mold.

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Black mold causes problems with immune systems, respiratory systems, asthma, and much more! Particularly in the elderly and children.

So, you need the best mold removal Hopatcong, NJ has.

Mold also damages the structural integrity of your home or office. How? Just like every other living thing needs food, so does mold.

Best Mold Remediation in Hopatcong, New Jersey

Their food is your carpet, flooring, drywall, framing, and more. As the mold feeds on these things, the structural integrity weakens. Hence, delay causes additional damage and increases removal expenses.
Call Nash Everett 24 hr. emergency line for immediate help!

Many DIY searches will say you can perform your own mold removal. They’ll recommend using bleach and deodorizers.

These items may temporarily help the situation. However, they are not permanent! In Hopatcong, NJ, we know about weeds. If you don’t kill the roots, the weeds come back.

Same with mold. Mold has tiny unseen roots that grow into materials. Don’t kill the roots? The mold comes right back.

There are steps that guarantee the permanent removal of the mold. Thus, making your home or office safe again.

Hopatcong Mold Removal Near Me

We follow these steps set by the IICRC.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards provide the highest quality mold removal in the industry.

Our first step is to determine if mold removal & remediation services are necessary. How? One of our Hopatcong, NJ mold removal experts will complete a free visual inspection.

They are trained and certified to identify harmful molds as well as causes. We are also licensed to help with repairing the cause/source.

Whether it was standing roof water, cracking siding, leaking pipes, or more. We even offer assistance with protecting the contents of the affected area.

This includes evaluation, packaging, and storing the contents during the remediation.

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Our second step is to create a clean room.
We use air scrubbers and sealed plastic sheeting to contain spores. This is to protect the rest of your living or office space from airborne spores.

This prevents surrounding areas from becoming contaminated and infested by mold. Only after this step will we start removing contaminated materials.

The third step is to focus on non-removable contaminated items. Things like framework, certain flooring, brickwork, etc.

We ensure decontamination by sanding, spring anti-microbial solution, and sealing these items.
This is completed while the area is still sealed to prevent spread of the spores. Then we clean up, leaving your area as if the mold never happened.

Then the fourth and final step is to call in a third-party lab to test the area. This is to ensure the area is mold free, and to provide you peace of mind.

Copies of the results will be provided to you.

We have been providing the best mold removal Hopatcong, NJ has for over a decade. We are BBB A+ rated, and are licensed and insured.

Our team has experience, training, skills, and professionalism. We will handle your mold remediation quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Suspect you might need mold removal services? See a water leak? Call our 24-hour Hopatcong, NJ Mold Removal & Remediation Emergency Line: (732) 508-9197.