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Mold, also sometimes known as mildew, is an aquatic fungus that grows on damp, moist materials. Molds are a natural organism in the environment and play an important role in it by breaking down dead plant material such as dead trees and fallen leaves; inside, mold grows in moist, humid areas that are poorly ventilated, causing the spores to float through the air. Mold grows best in places where the air quality is not regulated, such as the bathroom and basement. It does not grow on fruit, plants, or animals. It is not even recommended that you attempt to remove mold yourself. For this reason, many mold removal companies are available to safely perform this process.

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Mold is often associated with indoor air pollution, but mold can grow on any surface exposed to air (such as carpeting, drywall, and furniture). Mold growth in the home can affect health by causing allergies and asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and headaches. If mold removal is attempted, professional air quality testing should be performed. The mold spores that are present can also produce airborne allergens and irritants that affect the persons living in the affected area, and they may also be able to trigger allergic reactions in persons that are sensitive to mold spores.

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Mold removal requires thorough investigation to determine the source of mold contamination. Once mold has been detected, steps must be taken to contain the potentially contaminated area. One method used to contain mold is using a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the area and prevent the spores from spreading. Dehumidifiers can be expensive, however, and may not be an effective method for mold contamination if the source of moisture is still present. The safest way to contain mold is to make sure that the air quality in the room is analyzed. If mold is detected, steps must be taken to mitigate the potential exposure to mold spores.

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Dehumidifiers can be used to remove mold; however, the amount of moisture eliminated will depend on the dehumidifier. Water-based dehumidifiers are recommended for black mold removal. If there is any possibility of mold contamination, it is essential to remove mold and moisture from the area. This is especially true if the building is being rented or leased and the landlord has not insured the property against damage due to water damage.

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The cost of black mold removal varies greatly depending on the method that is used to remove the mold and the severity of the outbreak. For milder outbreaks, homeowners can generally remove the spores on their own using commercially available mold removal products. For moderate to severe outbreaks, mold remediation professionals will likely be needed. Mold remediation professionals will likely need to be contacted because mold removal products will likely contain spores, which cannot be removed by the homeowner or self-care techniques. Mold remediation companies may also need to be called in to handle large mold remediation projects.

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Once mold removal is complete, the homeowner should submit a written mold removal plan to the remediation company. The plan should include a detailed description of the mold problem, steps to be taken to remedy the problem, and a recommended course of action to prevent future occurrences. The remediation plan should also address the costs involved with mold removal and the steps to be taken if a mold problem occurs again. A certified mold removal company will be able to assist with these documents and provide a detailed cost estimate.

Mold remediation companies recommend using environmentally safe cleaning agents to remove mold and restore drywall, damaged wood, and furniture. These chemicals do not affect people or pets, and do not require long or frequent exposures. Mold remediation companies should only use environmentally safe products. In some cases, mold removal may be recommended if the home has been closed off from the outside. In this case, the homeowner should check for mold and remove mold if necessary.

The third step in the remediation plan is to repair or replace damaged materials that were exposed to mold. Most people are able to repair or replace items that are mold-exposed without creating a mold problem. It can be very expensive to purchase replacement materials, however, and many homeowners do not have the extra funds to do so. If an individual has had a mold problem in the past, they should contact mold removal companies to discuss the best solution for their particular situation.