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Mold, also known as fuscus, is an aquatic fungus that grows on damp, wet areas. Mold is a natural bi-product of the environment wherein it plays an essential role in nature by breaking-down dead organic matter including fallen trees and leaves; mold has also been known to play a part in our homes by producing a musty or damp air in the home which can lead to health problems. Common mold symptoms include the following: black spots on drywall, caving in of drywall, holes in carpet, peeling paint, water damage, mildew growth, and black or dark green water stains on tiles, walls, and wood. All of these symptoms are common signs of indoor mold.

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In order to detect if your home is currently being contaminated with mold, you should do a routine inspection of your basement, crawl space, or bathroom. When doing a mold removal inspection, look for evidence of fungi growing on the walls, floor, or ceiling. Check also for signs of water infiltration such as pools of water underneath the drywall, moisture in the air, or water stains on your windows, countertops, and bathtubs. You should also check the air ducts in the rooms where you suspect the presence of mold because these are the most likely places where mold spores travel when conditions are moist.

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If the mold you find requires cleanup or mold removal, it is imperative that you hire a mold remediation company. Professionals in this field have special equipment to remove mold and will be able to identify the type of mold and its health hazards. A mold removal company can also advise you on the best mold removal methods. You can save money by performing the mold remediation yourself and still be able to save money by hiring professionals. Unfortunately, removing mold yourself can lead to serious health issues and could cost you more in the long run.

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The most important step in mold removal is making sure you are dealing with a true mold problem. Mold spores don’t like the sunlight or heat, so you should make sure the area has been well ventilated and kept dry. If you have discovered mold growth in places you cannot easily see or reach, then a mold specialist is necessary to confirm whether you have a true mold problem or if you are dealing with a mold remediation.

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After you have confirmed the presence of mold in your home, your mold removal specialist will need to test the air for airborne mold spores. He or she will use special instruments known as spore counters to determine if spores have made it into the air or not. Mold spores are tiny black or green balls that float in the air. If spores are found in the air, the mold removal team will need to vacuum the area and place special filters in the air ducts and other ventilation systems to remove the spores from the air.

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Once the mold spores have been detected, it is time to start removing the mold for good. Mold removal experts have special solutions and cleaning products that they can use to safely remove the mold from your home and office. Often, simply using cleaners with strong organic ingredients will do the trick. In addition, a mold removal company will be able to advise you on the best way to deal with the mold that does appear in your indoor environments. There are many mold removal products on the market today but if you are removing mold from indoor environments, you want to choose an effective solution that will kill the mold and allow you to continue to live your life normally.

When it comes to cleaning up indoor mold contamination, there are many options available. Cleaning professionals can work in tandem with you to develop a comprehensive cleaning plan that includes mold removal, air quality optimization, dehumidification and restoration. Most mold removal companies also offer services such as cleaning upholstery and carpeting, baseboards, ventilation system cleaning walls and floors. In most cases, homeowners can clean upholstery by themselves and if they have a wet vac, there is no need to hire a professional cleaner. For carpets and walls, homeowners should consider hiring a mold remediation company to thoroughly clean the area.

Although it can be challenging, mold remediation can help you get rid of indoor contamination. Mold contamination is not only unsightly, it is also unhealthy for you and your family. Mold allergies have been known to cause breathing problems and other health complications. It is important that you do whatever you can to ensure that mold contamination does not get worse. Hiring a mold removal company can help you get rid of mold contamination so you can breathe easier and save money on household cleaners and other specialty products.