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At Nash Everett, we have the qualifications, expertise, and experience necessary to provide affordable, comprehensive, and reliable mold removal services. Since 1986, we have been safely and effectively removing mold from residential, commercial, and government buildings throughout Freehold Township, and we are proud to have earned a long list of satisfied customers.

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Molds occur naturally in moist environments, and if they are not removed, they can proliferate quickly and become a serious health risk. Mold can be hazardous for anyone, especially after prolonged exposure, but people with allergies or respiratory problems are particularly vulnerable. In the most severe cases, toxic mold exposure can be extremely harmful for both people and animals, leading to neurological problems and even death.

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This is not to say that all mold exposure is dangerous and cause for immediate concern; most occurrences of mold indoors are safe for healthy people. Rather, because mold can be severely hazardous in some cases, it is important to have your site evaluated by certified and experienced professionals. This is especially true because mold problems are not always noticeable; they can lie dormant inside walls for years following water damage, so an expert evaluation may be required to determine the existence of a mold problem and its severity. Mold can also spread through ventilation systems in buildings, so if your apartment building, commercial facility, or other building with multiple occupants has had water damage, even in the past, it is important to get it checked out by certified professionals.

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Nash Everett offers expert microbial examinations for mold problems at commercial, residential, and government sites.

After evaluating your mold problem and determining its severity, our team of specialists will create a customized plan for your site, then safely contain and remove the mold. In emergency situations, we will immediately remove any wet items and provide the heating, ventilation, or air conditioning necessary to dry the site and prevent further growth or bacterial multiplication. In all situations, we will establish critical barriers to prevent mold spores from spreading beyond the contaminated area. Then we’ll thoroughly remove the mold and decontaminate and clean the site, ensuring that it is completely safe.

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Nash Everett is an environmental remediation firm specializing in the abatement, remediation, and removal of lead, asbestos, and mold . We have been safely eliminating these hazards from government, commercial, and residential properties in Freehold Township for over 25 years. As the sixth oldest operating asbestos contractor in the state, we are now one of Freehold Township leading environmental remediation companies, with thousands of projects completed and a long list of satisfied clients.

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