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We’ll provide you with a free, honest assessment of your situation and share any possible risks that may be associated with it. We’ll even let you know if you don’t require professional service. You see, we work for you and we believe in being your advocate. From monitoring your air quality to working with your insurance company, we focus on protecting your best interests. After all, isn’t that what you want in a hero?

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If you suspect that you have mold in your home or business, have no fear! Nash Everett is trained and certified in mold removal and can provide you with an honest, common sense assessment of the severity. We offer precise inspection techniques and mold testing to help identify and locate mold contamination. Call (732) 508-9197 in Florence Township for your no risk professional consultation!

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Mold contamination can often be identified during a simple inspection of your property. However, it’s possible to have elevated levels of airborne mold in your home or business that is not visually detectable. The best way to evaluate your air quality or mold problem is to simply give us a call. We can answer many of your questions by phone and will give you candid, professional advice regarding your specific situation. We even offer free on-site mold assessments during normal business hours to further address your air quality and mold concerns.

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Mold growth awareness in buildings has risen greatly in recent years. Factors that have contributed to this heightened awareness include energy conservation measures, modifications in building materials, fast-track construction techniques, failure of occupants to properly manage moisture intrusion and humidity and an increased reliance on mechanical heating and cooling for comfort. Furthermore, significant media focus and litigation have fueled increased air quality concerns.

Nash Everett site is not intended to replace professional examination and evaluation of your specific mold situation. It is however intended to provide honest, objective information from various sources throughout the mold remediation industry for Florence Township.

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Since professional indoor air quality (IAQ) organizations, state governments and the US EPA have not agreed upon threshold exposure limits or levels of visible mold growth that constitute a concern for occupant and worker safety, assessing individual mold and air quality concerns can be quite challenging. Quantifying visible levels of mold growth alone has obvious limitations as an action level decision criterion, because it does not take into consideration hidden or concealed mold growth, and it does not take into consideration contamination resulting from settled spores (not visible) that were dispersed from areas of actual growth. The IAQ and mold removal industry is constantly evolving and as more information regarding mold contamination and remediation becomes available and as advancements are made in mold remediation science, abatement protocols will change.

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Mold spores are naturally occurring and ubiquitous in the environment with the reality being that it is not feasible or even possible to keep a structure “mold free”. Therefore, all structures contain some level of settled and aerosolized mold spores. If you have dust, you have mold spores. This is perfectly normal and these mold spores pose no real threat to indoor air quality for most occupants as long as the building materials are kept dry. When materials are wet for a prolonged period of time, it then becomes possible for mold growth to occur. Mold growth is not normal and should be promptly addressed whenever it’s discovered in the home.