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Here at Nash Everett., we are committed to providing you with the best mold removal services ? in Egg Harbor Township area, and we work for as long as it takes to get the job done right. Both our technicians and staff take the time to sit down with you, understand what your situation is, and help you form a plan that is both effective and cost-efficient.

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Nash Everett wants to help you restore your property with our state-of-the-art equipment and expert knowledge. We are a team that strives for excellence every single day, providing superior customer service and professional workmanship. Our certified and trained technicians are highly skilled and qualified to remedy any issues related to mold or water damage.

Family Own business – Our customers are our # 1 Priority
Dedicated to mold remediation and removal – it’s our only business focus.
All workers are mold licensed.

OSHA 10 (safety) and First Aid certified supervisors
Background checked permanent employees – no temporary staffing.
Fully insured, including liability.

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Please DO NOT try to remove mold yourself, mold remediation should be done by a professional. You can make it airborne and create a much worse hazardous environment. Containing mold at the source is essential, once mold spores spread it will be much more difficult to capture and remove. All structural and personal materials damaged by mold must be physically removed. Please note that using bleach or other household cleaners does not kill mold and can make it more difficult to visually detect. Mold is caused by moisture, by controlling the moisture in your home or property you can eliminate mold growth. Ensuring that the moisture source is fixed and controlled as soon as possible is essential to limit future contamination and spreading it further.

Best Mold Remediation in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

Mold removal is a complex process best left to experienced, licensed and certified professionals. Attempting to perform mold remediation on your own or having a general contractor attempt it is usually unsuccessful. More often than not, improperly trained contractors who attempt remediation will spread the contaminants airborne in your home creating an even larger problem than the one you started with.

In addition, homeowners often become sick due to not following proper mold removal procedures. For instance, proper Personal Pprotective Equipment (PPE) must be worn and the proper containment procedures must be followed to prevent the contamination from spreading to unaffected areas of your home. Without taking these necessary precautions a mold remediation project often becomes a disaster.

Our job is to keep you and your family safe both during and after the mold remediation process. You can rest assured knowing that Mold Fix will take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

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Molds live in the soil, on plants, and on dead or decaying matter. Outdoors, molds play a key role in the breakdown of leaves, wood, and other plant debris. Molds belong to the kingdom Fungi, and unlike plants, they lack chlorophyll and must survive by digesting plant materials, using plant and other organic materials for food. Without molds, our environment would be overwhelmed with large amounts of dead plant matter.

Molds produce tiny spores to reproduce, just as some plants produce seeds. These mold spores can be found in both indoor and outdoor air, and settled on indoor and outdoor surfaces. When mold spores land on a damp spot, they may begin growing with in 24HRS and digesting whatever they are growing on in order to survive. Since molds gradually destroy the things they grow on, you can prevent further damage to building materials and furnishings by having a mold inspection performed and detecting the problem early.

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Moisture control is the key to mold control. Molds need both food and water to survive, since molds can digest most things, water is the factor that limits mold growth. Molds will often grow in damp or wet areas indoors. Common sites for indoor mold growth include bathroom tile, basement walls, areas around windows where moisture condenses, and near leaky water fountains or sinks. Common sources or causes of water or moisture problems include roof leaks, deferred maintenance, condensation associated with high humidity or cold spots in the building, localized flooding due to plumbing failures or heavy rains, slow leaks in plumbing fixtures, and malfunction or poor design of humidification systems.

Uncontrolled humidity can also be a source of moisture leading to mold growth, particularly in hot, humid climates. Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (mVOCs). Some compounds produced by molds are volatile and are released directly into the air. These are known as microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs). Because these compounds often have strong and/or unpleasant odors, they can be the source of odors associated with molds. Exposure to mVOCs from molds has been linked to symptoms such as headaches, nasal irritation, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea.

All molds have the potential to cause health effects. Molds produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, toxins that may cause reactions in humans. The types and severity of symptoms depend, in part, on the types of mold present, the extent of an individual’s exposure, the ages of the individuals, and their existing sensitivities or allergies. Health problems, such as headaches, breathing difficulties, skin irritation, allergic reactions, and aggravation of asthma symptoms, all of these symptoms could potentially be associated with mold exposure.