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Mold Removal Edison, NJ – Nash Everett
Nash Everett primary goal is to satisfy our customer’s needs. With many years of knowledge and experience in mold remediation in Edison, NJ , our company specializes to remove and prevent future mold growth. We have licensed technicians that will arrive fully equipped to perform mold remediation in Edison, NJ, mold testing, mold removal and flood damage repair. We provide all of our services in Edison, NJ.

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Edison

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Alike other companies, our main goal is to satisfy our customer’s needs by restoring and making their home free from mold. We have a team of experienced and qualified technicians. Moreover, we are an insured removal company that’s what we differ from other companies.

We have many years of knowledge and experience in removing the mold growth and preventing it from growing further. As the name suggests, we have our offices at Edison, NJ. We offer a wide array of services like mold testing, mold removal, water/flood damage repair, fire damage, air duct cleaning, and anti-bacterial cleaning that no other companies do! That is the reason we are the best mold specialist in Edison, NJ

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Our licensed technicians are committed to provide the best to the customers and make sure that the place is left clean and healthy once the service has been completed. Customer satisfaction is something that extremely vital for us. We understand the seriousness of mold and how it can have adverse effect on the health.

With years of experience, we assure you to deliver the best quality services and provide you the best of your money worth. We make sure to keep up with the latest technology to stay advanced in the industry. Our safe and foolproof solutions are made to cater all your needs in the most effective way possible.

Best Mold Remediation in Edison, New Jersey

We provide reasonable price for all our services which is what makes our customers so loyal and reliable upon us. So, let us help you in your journey towards a better healthier life.

We at Nash Everett are committed and guaranteed to offer 100% mold free living within 2 years of the mold removal process. Our technicians are highly trained and licensed to work on mold removal in Edison, NJ.

Our technician will first determine the exact roots of the problem. After detecting the problem, the humidity and moisture levels in the remediation area will be controlled. While proper safety would be placed to safeguard the health and concerns of the occupants. After that, the experts will disinfect the mold growth and treat it with an antimicrobial coating in order to prevent mold growth.

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After completion of remediation work, all the air will be scrubbed and HEPA vacuumed to remove any ambient mold spores.

Mold Remediation

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A Nash Everett certified technician will assess the mold on site and the source of the moisture with our advanced infrared camera testing device.
The technician will than seal off the whole area with polyethylene sheeting and placed under negative pressure to prevent contamination in the other areas in the home or building.

Placing air filtration machines like HEPA vacuums to filter the air and prevent mold spores from spreading while the remediation is in process.

Depending on how much mold there is it sometimes necessary to remove mold infested substances like sheet rock as well as clean all hard and soft surfaces from any mold spores that may have subsided on them.

Following de-humidification and drying, the affected structural members will be disinfected and decontaminated with anti-microbial agent as well as anti-microbial coating for mold removal in Edison, NJ to prevent it from growing in the future.

Wood and stone work, if needed, will be treated with anti-microbial agents such as microban.

Remediation area will be kept under negative pressure with air exhausted to the outdoors if physically possible to prevent any cross contamination.

After completion of remediation work all neighboring areas will be air scrubbed and hepa vacuumed to remove any ambient mold spores.

A post remediation visual inspection air sampling and/or swab sampling will be performed upon clients request and approval.

At Nash Everett we understand that a mold removal in Edison, NJ can greatly disrupt a home or a workplace environment. All of our remediation projects are designed ahead of time with a guaranteed work dead line and complete every single aspect that goes into a successful mold remediation in an efficient and quick matter. Our service does not stop upon completion of the remediation. We hold our customers relations in an extremely high regard and are open 24/7 to take any questions or concerns you might have no matter the situation or circumstance.