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Edgewater Mold Removal

Mold Removal in Edgewater, NJ
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The highly-trained professionals at Nash Everett are here to tend to your mold remediation needs. Not only is mold unsightly, but it can also be destructive to both your health and the structural integrity of the home or building that it infests.

Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Edgewater

Our step-by-step mold removal process is both thorough and efficient. From mold remediation and cleaning services in Edgewater NJ, our professionals know exactly what to look for. When our job is complete, you can rest assured that we not only cleaned existing mold, but also eliminated the possibility that it will ever return.

We provide mold remediation, duct cleaning, water restoration, water proofing, and more to areas across New Jersey. We inspect the premises, remove the existing mold, clean the area, and put into place preventive measures against the reappearance of mold.

No matter if you’re in, trying to rid your home or building with a do-it-yourself mold inspection and remediation approach can be a futile job. Cut to the chase and call us — the experts in mold removal throughout New Jersey!

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Mold Removal & Water Proofing Project in Edgewater, NJ

Mold Remediation
Mold Removal in New Jersey | Inspection, Testing & Remediation
Every inspection must begin as a general hypothesis or set of assumptions. Without one, the cost and scope of the inspection would quickly spiral out of control. Remember, the hypothesis does not always assume a mold problem. Often, potential home buyers hire a mold inspector to ensure that a mold problem is not occurring. There are many factors that will contribute to the impressions of the subject home.

Questions that may be considered include:

Approximate age and construction style?
History of water damage in the home or building?
Does the home suffer from high humidity?
Does the home suffer from stale air or poor ventilation?

Best Mold Remediation in Edgewater, New Jersey

After a visual assessment, every potential mold remediation project will then continue with testing of air quality and affected organic material in the subject property area of contamination.

Below are a few examples from actual mold inspections:
Problem: Light mold growth occurring on bathroom ceiling.
Solution: Remove mold growth with mildicide/water solution and increase ventilation (replace or install exhaust fan).

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Problem: Moderate mold growth occurring on roof sheathing in attic.
Solution: Address moisture entering from conditioned space, increase ventilation to exterior, remove mold growth.

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Problem: Heavy mold growth noted on upper wall and ceiling in bedroom.
Solution: Set up containment including HEPA filtration and negative air pressurization. Remove all affected contents, carpeting sheetrock, insulation and cabinetry. After mold damaged materials are removed, HEPA vacuum all remaining surfaces and treat with mildicide. Utilize heat and dehumidification to remove excessive moisture from original leak. Perform clearance air testing to ensure success of mold remediation efforts.

Problem: Refrigerator supply line leaked for several weeks, leading to water damage and mold growth.
Solution: Collect 2 spore trap samples at the beginning of the project to determine salvage ability of carpeting and other contents. Set up full containment with HEPA filtration and negative air pressure. Remove damaged sheetrock, trim, insulation, cabinetry and flooring. Clean and treat all remaining materials with HEPA vacuuming and mildicide application. Mold remediation has a strict protocol for complete eradication and mold cleaning.