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Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Eastampton Township

We provide professional mold removal , indoors and out!
We can eliminate your visible mold, not just cover it up!
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What should I do?
First of all, don’t panic! In most cases the mold growth is not threatening your life or your health! If you have just small patches of visible mold, simply clean them up with a mold cleaner from the store. If you keep the area dry and ventilated, you will not have a chronic mold problem. Mold growth that adds up to less than 10 sq. ft. rarely needs professional mold removal. In addition, small patches of visible mold are not necessarily a sign that you have an extensive, hidden mold problem. Again, don’t panic!

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If, however, you have signs of visible mold and it is more than you can handle, we are here to help!

We are trained and certified to remove your mold according to EPA guidelines, and we are affordable, prompt and reliable. Give us a call in (732) 508-9197

Remediation Options
Which Option Is Best?
Let’s look at your options for mold remediation products and understand how each works. There are 4 basic categories of mold removal products available today. They are as follows:

Best Mold Remediation in Eastampton Township, New Jersey

A cleaner loosens the surface material and thus makes it easier to wipe off or clean. Cleaners do not kill the bacteria or mold.

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A biocide refers to an agent that kills bacteria, viruses, or mold. There are many kinds of biocides available because no biocide is 100% effective against all bacteria, molds or viruses. Biocides are not cleaning agents. The dead mold, bacteria or viruses still remain on the treated surface and may cause various problems.

A sanitizer also kills mold or bacteria, without being harmful to people and animals. Nash Everett’s sanitizer is called Cal-Brite. Cal-Brite is a sanitizer and cleaner in one. It kills and removes the mold! When these two actions are combined, mold is effectively remediated and its future growth is actually inhibited!

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An encapsulate covers the surface preventing any particles or items from escaping underneath the sealed surface. This does not kill the bacteria or mold. They are typically painted on and when they dry, the surface is sealed and hard to the touch. However, one must remember that the core cause of the moisture problem must be fixed (e.g. structural repairs) or it will recur. Encapsulates should never be used in place of a mold remediation.