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Molds or mold, also known as fungus, is an aerobic (oxygen-requiring) fungus that grows on damp, wet objects. This material may be in the form of soil, on cellulose materials like wood and carpeting, or in the form of cellulose-like fibrous material such as paper and cardboard. Mold is an organism that grows in moist and dark places and is considered a common household threat that can produce allergies and other health problems. The fungus may also grow in air ducts, water pipes, or in the walls, ceilings, and floors of houses and buildings.

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Mold, and sometimes also called mold, is an aerobic (oxygen-requiring) fungus that grows on damp, wet parts of any building or residence. It thrives best in areas that are naturally moist and dark, such as basements and attics, where it digests wood and paper and feeds on cellulose materials. Mold can also cause allergic reactions to certain individuals. It’s a common household danger that most people would never think about, until they begin to suffer from mold-related health issues, such as asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Mold removal is an important step in combating this hidden threat.

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The mold removal process begins with the detection and inspection of the situation. Mold inspections can be done privately, or you may choose to hire a mold remediation firm to perform the service for you. Many mold remediation firms provide free inspections and recommendations, or you may find one who will refer you to a mold removal company for an inspection. Please call us if you have any questions regarding the mold removal process.

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Once the mold inspection is completed, mold remediation begins. Mold remediation professionals will do everything in their power to remove and prevent future mold contamination. Depending on the severity of the mold contamination, the mold removal and remediation will vary. Below are the basic steps of a mold remediation process:

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Cleaning – The process of cleaning mold off surfaces is the first step. Mold spores need to be cleaned off any surface that they land on. For surfaces, this includes cleaning grout and floors, countertops, shower curtains, blinds and more. Vacuuming mold contaminated areas is the next step, followed by the use of HEPA filters and, in the case of true mold removal, bonnet pads or vacuum cleaners. Complete cleaning of the area(s) will help you reduce the chances of mold spores coming back.

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Mold Containment – The mold removal and remediation team will then begin the process of mold containment. containment uses various methods to keep the mold spores from finding their way back into your home. These containment methods range from filling sinks and other indoor environments with water to using chemicals to kill the mold spores. There are many different types of containment systems available to you. Your mold removal and remediation professional will be able to tell you what type of containment system is best suited for your indoor environments.

Mold Remediation – Finally, once the mold removal process has been completed, your mold remediation team will take the mold spores away from your home. Your company will remove all mold spores that have been removed from your mold infected areas and dispose of them properly according to local guidelines. This will help prevent future mold outbreaks. Be sure to follow your remediation company’s removal and waste removal procedures to protect your health and property.

Mold removal and remediation are serious business and it is best to hire a mold professional to complete this work. If you have visible mold growth in your home or inside your walls, your mold removal and remediation team will need to be called. Mold needs moisture to thrive so if your home has visible mold growth it could mean there is more mold growth inside your walls. It is better to get rid of mold as soon as possible than to have a mold outbreak that could spread and cause health problems for your family. Contact a mold remediation company as soon as visible mold growth has been detected.