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Mold is destructive to your possessions, including the structure of your house, and it is a detriment to your health. It can aggravate asthma and allergies and cause symptoms in perfectly healthy individuals.
It is very necessary for your wellbeing to have it eradicated from your home.

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Many of our customers wonder if they can use bleach on any affected areas. You can treat mold that is 3 square feet or less, but bleach can actually encourage regrowth.

Even without bleach, we don’t recommend tackling the issue by yourself. This is because what may appear to be a small area covered with mold can actually just be the tip of the iceberg!

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Important Tip: Mold cannot grow without moisture, so even if you spot treat your home, if you have an underlying humidity issue, it will grow back.

High home humidity is frequently caused by leaking or broken plumbing, unsealed basements and inefficient air conditioning, just to name a few.

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So you have mold, or have reason to believe you might have mold. How do you go about getting it removed? The answer can be complicated, but Nash Everett makes the solution simple.
We can provide mold testing and make sure to explain every route you can take for proper remediation.

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Mold Testing
Put an End to Your Worry with Professional Mold Testing in Dover, NJ

There are many reasons to be concerned that mold might be present in your home. You might be noticing some signs like excess dampness or a musty smell, or you might have recently received a home inspection report.

We can test your home or a home you are interested in buying with complete accuracy.

Rely on Nash Everett to provide a solid answer to your concerns. From there, we can provide mold remediation if necessary.

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If you want additional tips on mold and how to guarantee proper service, check out our handy mold guide.

Begin your path to fast mold removal by calling Nash Everett at (732) 508-9197. We can test and resolve it in 48 hours or less!

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Nash Everett will have your answer back fast. Do you have mold? Is your home mold-free? We can help you relax if the answer is yes to either of these questions with a fast response and available remediation services.

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