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They say proper hygiene is two-thirds of good health.

But you need more than a wipe of a towel or a quick run of the vacuum cleaner, to keep germs away. Want to kill 99.999% of disease-causing germs? Here’s introducing our advanced Germ Buster System, the best solution for infection control and disinfecting services in New Jersey!

The average workplace harbors tens of thousands of bacteria and other germs. Recent research showed that most office desks contain 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. With over two-thirds of workers exposed to these disease-causing germs, the Nash Everett Germ Buster System has been developed to help individuals and businesses keep germs away

Germ Buster System: Germs are in trouble!

The GermBuster System is a monthly two step process for reducing the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms in your environment. Our products are water-based/non toxic, and EPA approved. Treatments are aeresolized, applied to surfaces, and high touch areas via an *electrostatic spray application process.

Every year, about 17 million people die from infectious diseases, according to WHO.

Many more become hospitalized, with their quality of life significantly affected. A lot of these diseases are caused by household germs such as the E. coli bacteria and viruses like the flu. The impact for individuals can vary from a reduced quality of life to costly medical expenses. For employees, this can mean lost productivity as well as increased expenditure. Sick workers cost the US roughly $150 billion every year, according to Harvard Business Review. It’s such a huge price to pay for a largely avoidable situation.

Infection control in Monmouth County

Germs can be found lurking around everywhere, within residential houses as well as in workplaces.

High foot traffic, along with spills and everyday wear and tear can expose the environment and the people in it to germs and infections. Nash Everett’s germ control and disinfecting services will help guarantee maximum protection for your family or employees!

Our infection control services in New Jersey are based on our revolutionary Germ Buster System.

This system has been developed to help kill 99.999% of disease-causing germs in a far more effective way than regular ‘cleaning’ services. The system combines the right products and a superior application process to effectively tackle your toughest germ problems whether on work surfaces in offices or the germ danger-zones in your house. Rather than a wet fog, or spray and pray, we rely on cutting-edge technology and safe chemicals. Our unique Germ Buster system uses Electrostatic positive charged molecules which not only attract to all surfaces, but it gives complete coverage at the microscopic level.

Protection from Viruses, Germs and Coronavirus

GermBuster System is water-based, which is safer, and allows for longevity. Not only does it kill viruses and germs, but it protects 24/7 for up to 30 days. This is important as other tactics and methods only simply kill what’s on the surface, but fails to provide lasting protection (harsh chemicals kill instantly, but are unsafe for humans and eliminates advantages of future protection). The molecules formed are miniature spikes, which mechanically destroy any viruses which attempt to land on it. You wouldn’t want to bed down for the night on 4 foot spikes!

**Approved Chemicals and Systems to Combat Coronavirus**

New Jersey disinfecting services

-Our approach and why we’re different

Your regular maid service or janitorial staff will usually pay the most attention to things and areas like the doorknobs and bathrooms which are usually the common virus hotspots. But there are usually a lot of hard-to-reach areas that never get touched. And even worse, many cleaning companies will use the same cleaning rag over and over again. These practices tend to further aid the spread of germs instead of halting and neutralizing them.

Our Germ Buster System works in a completely different way!

Rather than use rags or wipes to clean touch-points, we sanitize both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Aside from this being a more thorough and effective sanitation process, we’re also able to touch most of the hard-to-reach areas that would have been left out by your regular cleaning company.

We’ll work closely with you to identify high-risk areas.

In most homes and offices, these would often include bathrooms, living rooms, break rooms, railings, hand drawers, and mailrooms, among other places where there is a high frequency of hand contact. Once we’ve identified these places, we’ll then conduct a thorough touch-point cleaning to neutralize the germs that may be present there.

Gift your family or employees a gift of better health!

Our New Jersey germ control services are not just effective.

These services are also cost-effective and trusted by lots of businesses and homeowners in New Jersey who rely on our complete disinfecting services for a clean and safe environment. Our infection control service will kill germs within seconds. This also works as an effective odor neutralizer, a bonus if you also want to rid your house of foul odors from cooking, pets, smoking, and more.

The products we use are EPA, food-grade registered, eco-friendly, and completely biodegradable. So, while they won’t do any harm to the environment, they are also perfectly safe after application. This service won’t cause disruptions for your business operations. Nor will it make the house inhabitable for your household.

Kill Germs, Viruses, Commercial Offices Businesses and Homes in Monmouth County

Don’t allow your house and workplaces to become breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and other germs. Nash Everett Germ Buster System will help you keep family and employees’ health and safety at 100%.

Want to see how this works? Why not schedule a free infection control consultation to get started? We’ll be more than happy to give your place a higher level of clean!