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Mold removal can become a costly endeavor. For most homes, the cost of removal comes out to be more than anticipated. Once you find black mold growth in your home’s air ducts or plumbing, it is likely that your home will need mold removal services. If the mold in your home is growing rapidly and has spread, it is likely that the mold will need professional mold removal service soon as well. Here are some tips on how to get the best value from your mold inspection.

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Mold Removal Cost: Before doing any mold remediation activities, it is important to understand how much a mold removal company will cost you. Inspectors will typically charge around $80 for a visual inspection and testing for mold, but testing for mold alone is not usually required. For assistance dealing with an outdoor mold infestation in your house, locate a certified mold remediation specialist near you. Some mold removal companies also offer remediation services that include mold testing, drying, and dehumidification at an additional cost. For homeowners who do not want to spend money on additional remediation activities, consider making your initial mold detection and inspection payment with the mold removal company in order to save money on subsequent mold remediation activities.

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Mold Testing: Before mold testing can begin, an inspection must first be conducted to locate mold spores in the air. Air sampling may be done with the use of a special mold wand or by using specialized mold sniffers. Mold inspectors typically perform air sampling once they have detected mold. Mold testing can then be conducted to confirm the presence of mold spores in the air.

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Drying Methods: Before working on the insulation of a room or building, a mold inspector will place the airflow inside the room through a special mold-proofing sheet. This method is used to lower the moisture level in the area. This method can also be used to test the air quality in attics and basements. If the moisture level is too high, the fabric on the sheet may be damaged, requiring re-filling or replacement.

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Dehumidifiers: Mold and mildew tend to grow in areas where there is no air circulation, such as between the floor joists and ceiling insulation, in the crawlspace, and along the walls and floors of a home. The use of a dehumidifier can help remove the dampness from these areas and reduce the growth of mold. A dehumidifier reduces the relative humidity (the concentration of water in the air) in a space. Relative humidity is often found to be higher than 55% in homes where no ventilation is available. Relative humidity is a key factor in the formation of mold. Damp molds often seed in areas of high relative humidity.

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Mold Treatment: If you have a mold problem, you should consult a mold specialist before you make any significant changes to your lifestyle. Mold spores are airborne and can easily be inhaled. It is possible that an allergy may be the cause of your mold problem. If this is the case, you will probably need to take antihistamines or other medication, or at least avoid activities that may irritate your system.

Mold Remediation: After mold growth has been eliminated, it is important to eliminate the moisture control systems that allowed the mold to grow. Often this can be done by simply cleaning the damp areas with a wet/dry vacuum and using HEPA filters in your bathroom and kitchen to keep microscopic mold spores from spreading. Another option is to install a vapor barrier in your attic or basement. There are special absorbent pads that you can place on the floor to soak up the excess moisture. These pads can also be used to cover areas where mold removal is recommended, such as around window sills, baseboards, and other areas prone to moisture control problems.

Mold assessment and remediation require a specialized team of professionals that include an inspection technician, a mold specialist, a hygienist, and an EPA certified home inspector. The inspection team will check the structural integrity of your building, perform routine cleaning and testing, perform remediation, and test for the quality of air. All these services can be completed faster when you use high quality, durable and affordable moisture meters and monitoring products.