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Kill All Hidden Mold with Dry Fog – Nash Everett
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Nash Everett: Mold Removal in Bordentown Township

You have many options available to you for eliminating Insightly mold. But fewer options for eliminating mold that lives behind your walls, and in “impossible areas” to mechanically remove mold 100%. This is where Nash Everett patented two step Dry Fog process out performs other options. Some molds toxins are small enough to pass through walls, which is why family members suffer from chronic sinus and inflamed asthma conditions. Leave your furniture and everything else in place, and like every other surface in your home. They will benefit from our foggers that produce a solution that will envelope every open space and fill every visible and hidden cavity in your home. Creating an inhospitable environment for pahtogens, mildews, and molds alike. Killing all health damaging micro-organisms.

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If there is no significant water damage restoration, the entire doesn’t take a week like it can with other solutions. Instead, our non-toxic solution does its work in just a few hours. Mold and mildew are eliminated, and in the process no sticky or wet residue is left. Undesirable musty mildew odors along with any other smell such as cigarette smoke or other odors are nearly entirely eliminating. What is left behind is a fresh, slightly vinegar-like temporary smell. No demolition to clean up, no wondering if you got it all, and no need to reconstruct.

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Have Nash Everett do the Initial Assessment and Mold Removal Air Test and minimize the time and the cost you will invest. The bottom line is you will get the peace of mind that there will be no surface that will go untreated.

The Army Corps of Engineers learned about the patented approach of Nash Everett Dry Fog and decided to conduct their own study. You can read the results by clicking the button below.

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To learn more, watch the video below, and the video on the About page. And for any questions, we suggest you skip the back and forth and schedule that is convenient for you directly on our Calendar. An initial assessment and estimate are free. Just click the “Schedule an Appointment” button in the menu. If you would like to talk with a first, fill out the form below, send us a text, or call us at (732) 508-9197

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Before determining the best solution for your unique solution, you will need to schedule an initial assessment with one of our Mold Experts. Whether you have visible water damage and black mold growth, or the distinct smell of mildew, fill out this form and a mold expert will give you a call to talk you through the process.

However if you, or a family member or employees at your place of business are experiencing chronic health conditions that you suspect are due to mold, we recommend skipping the form, and instead find a time on one of our Mold Expert’s calendars by going to the menu on this page and clicking on “Schedule an Appointment.”