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How to Spot Signs of Mold
Fungi spores exist naturally in the air. This allows mold to form wherever and whenever the correct conditions occur.

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Ideally, this is in a warm, dark area which has a ready supply of food and moisture.
Because the presence of water is vital for mold, signs of damp or water marks are a major indicator.

Black spots are another obvious sign to look out for. Typically, this will consist of black or green spots covering a surface in your home. While an obvious sign, growth marks may be hidden in unsighted areas of your home. Therefore, one of the most telling signs of mold is the presence of a musty smell in the air.

There are also several health symptoms which can suggest mold is growing in your house, including:

*Respiratory problems
*Blocked, running or an itchy nose
*Watery and irritable eyes
*Tiredness and nausea
*Aggravated asthma conditions

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If these symptoms are experienced by you and your family but appear eased when away from your home, you should search for visible signs of mold.

Mold Inspection and Clean Up
If you do find mold on your property, it needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Left untreated, the mold will spread and slowly cause significant damage to the building. The bigger the problem you have, the more seriously you need to treat any infected areas.

As experts in the building trade, we understand the nature of mold growth and the affect it can have on buildings.

Best Mold Remediation in Bernards Township, New Jersey

Our specialists are highly trained in eliminating all traces of mold quickly and effectively from all surfaces.

This includes all types of mold, including black mold, and all hard-to-reach areas such as behind walls, under floors and within air conditioning units.

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Preparing for A Better Future

As mold remediation specialists , we believe removal means little if the problem is left with the potential to reoccur. With every job we undertake, we provide advice regarding condensation control and measures to prevent further problems arising.

Because prevention is better than a cure, we use our expertise in home restoration to find efficient and cost-effective ways to tackle all problems at source.

From insulation to ventilation, our technicians can solve the underlying problem which led to mold invading your home.

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Arrange Your Free Mold Inspection
If you have, or suspect you have, a problem with mold, contact our trained advisers now. At Nash Everett, we have a team of professional staff who specialize in eradicating mold-related problems. From initial assessments to the complete removal of all traces of mold, our service is thorough, professional and incredibly effective.

Don’t let mold make your life a misery. Call us at (732) 508-9197 or fill out our contact form now to prevent mold harming your home and threatening your families’ health.

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