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Currently, service companies in Asbury Park, NJ take remediation of mold and fungus in homes and offices extremely seriously. Believe it or not, mold can be extremely dangerous if it is not attacked in time, gradually affecting the health of people inadvertently. That’s why we suggest to people that if they presume that they have a mold case in their house, should call immediately an expert.

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Nash Everett is considered one of the best companies in the market focused on successfully removing cases of mold removal and mildew . Our services are available in the most important states of the country, and we guarantee our users quite competitive prices with respect to our competition, without sacrificing the most important, a good result plus the guarantee that your family can live in a healthy environment.

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You can contact us for an evaluation linking to contamination, so we can check out your home and evaluate it in order to determine if you have a case of mold, at what stage it is and what are the solutions we can offer to get rid of the problem. Keep in mind that this type of contamination normally starts without presenting any type of signal.

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Many people have heard of the name black mold without taking a moment to process what exactly is and its implications. Black mold is a kind of toxic mold that is also known as Stachybotrys atra, and is one of the most dangerous molds that can grow in your home. It’s a life-threatening mold which may affect you, your family and even your pets. It usually has a greenish black color and mostly grows separately from other species of mold.

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In order to identify this mold in your house, it requires an accurate testing. Our experts can easily identify it by doing a proper testing specifically for this species. In case you suspect that you may be cohabiting with this mold, it’s necessary that you call a group of experts who can immediately perform this kind of inspection and mold testing.

We must highlight that this type of mold is believed to release mycotoxins which can cause several symptoms in your body and brain, and these symptoms usually are not specific to black mold exposure. This may make you suspect about other conditions and not knowing that black mold is the culprit. Also, most of them are unexplained and have a sudden onset. If you suffer from any the symptoms, you shouldn’t shy away from consulting your physician immediately. However, to completely eliminate them, you have to remove the mold.

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This is where our professionals come in handy to help you remove the mold and prevent it from future occurrences. If you fail to remove it from your abode as soon as possible, the situation can worsen and put everyone in the dwelling at risk of life-threatening health problems.

You might overlook the problem or assume that a little Stachybotrys will not have a great impact on your health and your family, but without proper assessment by a professional mold inspector, you might not know how large the infestation is. Even if you can only see small stains of mold, you should have your house properly assessed and tested to check whether it could be the dreaded toxic mold, in order to take immediate steps to remove it. Even if we find that it is a different species, our staff will still remove it completely and leave your house mold-free.

Another reason why you should have this type of mold from your house is to prevent the structural damage in causes. Mold usually disintegrates the surface where it grows on and if left unchecked, it can cause enormous damage to the building materials and furniture in your house. In fact, it does this silently hence you might know when it’s eating away the structures.

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